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What's your favourite teething tool? I'm thinking of ordering a wooden teether. Has anyone used one before?

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  • We LOVE Sophie!!! We have the smaller one and regular Sophie. They're really easy to hold on to and DD loves it. She spends 90% of her day knawing on her 
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    The banana brush is my kiddo's current favorite, along with Sophie and/or a washcloth.  
  • My baby likes the smaller Sophie with the rings but when he's really fussy he likes to gnaw on a munchkin oragel teether. Just started this week though. 
  • my LO loves the Comotomo teether on amazon, looks like an octopus :)

  • Could someone please explain why a $20+ teething toy (aka Sophie the Giraffe) is worth the purchase? Not trying to be judgmental, I really do want to know.
  • DS loved chewing on a wooden teething necklace I wore from Amazon.
    DD hasn't sprouted any teeth yet but loves this stuffed monkey with an orange water-filled ring attached from Carters. 

    Also, the giraffe- I'm considering it, but I need to know more. What makes it magical?
  • I got a Sophie as a gift, I'm not sure I would buy it if I hadn't. But my baby does love it. I now have the standard size and the smaller one. He loves them both, he can hold them himself and can always figure out a good way to chew on it. Not sure if it's magic but it's all we have and he really enjoys it. 
  • Groupon was just running a deal for the sophie so I bought one. My daughter LOVES it! By far her favorite thing to gnaw on at the moment.
  • Sophie is nice because it fits perfectly in my son's mouth no matter which way he is holding it. Also, it is not too cold for him to hold in his hand.

  • Sophie!! Any of the frozen mam teethers too. 
  • We have the small and regular sophies, which she has really taken to in the last 2 weeks.  She chews in the ears and feet.  She also has 2 mam teethers that she's trying to use but they are harder to hold.
  • I second Sophie. He smiles every time he sees her. I think that alone makes it worth it! She squeaks and he easily can chew on any part of it. He loves just twirling her around and playing with her.  It's by far his favorite toy. 
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