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Because I am bored on a Friday afternoon and DH and I are still trying to decide. Are you planning on doing a Facebook or other social media type announcement about the pregnancy and/or birth of your LO(s)? If so, when do you plan to announce?
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Facebook Announcement... 159 votes

No way...no how. If I don't see them IRL, they will never know!
6% 10 votes
We will post something once baby is here but not before...
10% 16 votes
I posted before the pee stick was even dry!
1% 2 votes
Before 12 weeks
11% 19 votes
12-14 weeks
42% 67 votes
15-18 weeks
17% 28 votes
20ish weeks
9% 15 votes
Special Snowflake
1% 2 votes

Re: Facebook Announcement...

  • Going facebook tomorrow, lots of friends and family live all over, it's an easy way to notify them
  • I'm going to do a facebook announcement after my doctor's appointment on the 6th. I have a lot of extended family that I don't get to see that often and I want them to know before they get a shower invitation.
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  • I can't decide! Part of me just wants to wait until after the baby is born. Another part of me wants to do a photo with our dogs and announce it in October. 
  • I'm thinking after 20 weeks, like just a random pic where I'm clearly pregnant and just letting people figure it out.  OR a picture of DH and I at a football game with a cute caption about the newest bear (college mascot) joining the family.
    Me: 36  DH: 35.
    Married: 8/2005.
    BFP: 6/22/2016 EDD: 3/4/2017.
  • We'll announce after my 12 week appt on the 9th. I only have 100 FB friends... I'm pretty good about keeping up with who needs to have access to my personal life. But DH has 500+ friends. Maybe I just won't tag him lol 
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  • I picked "before 12 weeks" because technically I did announce at 11 weeks, 2 days.  Original plan was to wait until 12, but we got our harmony test back and I had just had my OB appt and heard the HB again, so I was fairly comfortable in assuming nothing would change in the next 5 days.
    Married: 7/9/15
    Me: 37, DH: 36
    Started TTC #1: 9/2015
    Preliminary labs/testing @ 6 months: TSH, A1c, progesterone, prolactin, SA, HSG all normal
    BFP: 5/19/2016, M/C: 5/29/2016
    BFP: 6/22/2016  EDD 3//6/2017

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    Picked special snowflake because I have announced with both previous children (both at 12-15 weeks), but am not sure if I will announce at all this time. Part of me wants to, but I almost never use Facebook anymore.
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  • I'm so torn on this. I was originally planning on announcing as soon as the first trimester was over but now I'm not so sure. After spending last Sunday in the ER I'm a little nervous about making an announcement. I may stick with the original plan after I follow up with my OB on Tuesday. I'm hoping these next few days go by quickly! 

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  • Going to announce insta/fb just after 12 weeks. Lots of friends and far away family that I don't talk to on a regular basis but would still like to know. Plus I'm not good at telling people even in person and it's just easier to blanket throw it out there.
    Plus, I tend to complain on twitter a lot and it's hard to complain when I haven't announced.  ;)
    married to M since 6.13.09
    T - 3.3.14
    A - 2.24.17
  • At start of 2nd tri when family all knows. :)
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  • I picked 20ish weeks since I don't share much of my life anymore on Facebook. I was well into my 2nd tri with my first when I announced. This time it'll be much later or maybe even not at all. If/when I do, it'll be pretty subtle. No big photoshoot with my 2 year old wearing a big brother shirt or anything. Just not into that. 

  • Once we fill the family in Minnesota in and my grandmother in Virginia, we'll post something....
    Me (37) Hubby (39) Married since 4.2009
    EP:  2.17.2016
    DS:  3.4.2017

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  • I haven't decided if we'll do it at all.  I'm planning to hide it from work for as long as possible and despite my best efforts, I have some coworkers as FB friends.  I was one of the 3% who replied "maybe when baby gets here".  The people I am close to will get calls or be told in person.  
  • I have my 13 week appointment next week, and then the following week Hubby and I are flying to the East Coast to tell me family (parents, brother & his family, my cousins). That'll also be our 1yr anniversary weekend, so we'll likely make a social media post then :)
  • We are getting pics done over labor day and was going to get a few with dd in her big sister shirt, but I doubt I will post anything. Last go around I posted something like 2 weeks after she arrived. Maybe something like that again.
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  • I'm really not sure what we are going to do. For one, I don't even have a FB account, but my husband does, so maybe he'll announce it later on, maybe once we find out the sex and the dna test comes back. I'm also hesitant because we had annouced our last pregnancy that ended in a MC, so I had to then make a "we are sorry to announce..." loss of that baby post. So now I kinda feel like if we announce again, it will be weird or awkward. I don't know, I just can't put my finger on why it feels weird. Anyone else have a similar situation?
  • Very similar situation @Bok Bagok. We had to come back and update everybody the first time so I definitely struggle with deciding when the right time to announce is. There's no wrong time to announce or not announce, just do what feels right for you and your husband. I'm sorry you find yourself in such a tough spot. I'm right there with ya. Hugs girl 

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    Bok Bagok
  • @jessjoelmasse I always think it's so absurd when people comment on others' sex lives when they have a lot of kids.  One because it's rude, but also...it could just mean you're having sex, what, like once a year?  How much sex are the people commenting having, that that seems like a lot? 
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  • @EALasagna45 @mcdonald-bailey Thanks, I know you both are right. There's no wrong time to announce, and like you said just to wait for it to feel right. A big part of it I'm sure is because I'm still not excited. Once we get good news about the DNA test and 12 week scan I'll feel better. I was actually glad we had announced our last pregnancy (third pregnancy, second loss) early,  because when we lost the baby and informed people they all knew  what was going on and could support us. In comparison, we did not announce our second pregnancy (our first loss) and so it was very lonely and suffered in silence. It's a roller coaster no matter how you do it! 
  • @jessjoelmasse do people seriously make comments like that?? Just thinking about it makes me annoyed, people over step all the time on FB. 
  • @jessjoelmasse I can't believe people make comments like that. Wow. So rude. Some people actually want big families. If I wasn't so uncomfortable during pregnancy I would have a big family. 
  • @jessjoelmasse I totally agree! One of the reasons I'm avoiding a Facebook post is the stupid comments.  We've only told close family and friends and a few people I've run into and I've already gotten the comments... "HOW close together are they going to be?" "Was that on purpose?" "Wow, at the rate you're going you'll fill a whole minivan soon..."  People are stupid and though I know I care WAY too much about what they think: If they make comments like these to my face, I really can wait to inform all the random acquaintances via internet who will piss me off (especially the overly hormonal me)) last pregnancy I deleted SO many friends on Facebook. hahah.
  • We have told family and close friends this past week. Really trying to hold off one more week (will be 12w) before making a social media announcement. Everyone is very excited so I won't be overly shocked if a comment pops up prior but we will see!
  • @dubcompanion that's really thoughtful and sensitive. I had a friend who shared, "it's finally our turn" which implied it had been a journey for them, but avoided sharing personal details on social media. It didn't give the *in your face* vibe kwim?

    I picked option A bc I'm not on fb and not announcing anything anywhere but eventually there'll be pics of a third baby somewhere! (IG, Christmas cards etc.) So far away friends will know eventually.
  • @Cbeanz I like that idea!! Thanks! :) DH just shared with me his idea of an announcement, and I think we'll be able to blend a rainbow baby + 'quirky' theme without too much difficulty. Hoping I get to share the final product of it on here in a few weeks!


    Me: 32      DH: 32
    Married: 11/19/11
    TTC 3/15
    BFP #1: 10/15, MMC 12/15 (10.5 weeks)
    BFP #2: 7/16, DD born 3/2/17 at 38 weeks <3
    BFP #3: 4/18, DS born 12/11/18 at 36 weeks <3
  • @kjd291 @mcdonald-bailey @Bok Bagok @anonellis Thanks for the support ladies. People have said all of this things on facebook and/or to my face. It's too often to count and I sometimes wonder if I am just too sensitive. I would like to not care but it is comforting to hear that you all think those comments are dumb/rude. 
  • @kjd291 @mcdonald-bailey @Bok Bagok @anonellis Thanks for the support ladies. People have said all of this things on facebook and/or to my face. It's too often to count and I sometimes wonder if I am just too sensitive. I would like to not care but it is comforting to hear that you all think those comments are dumb/rude. 
    You are not being sensitive at all. I was appalled when I read what you wrote about people saying. Maybe it's because we haven't told anyone yet & this is my first pregnancy, but I haven't had to endure this crap yet. It will be interesting to see if I handle it as gracefully as you. Chances are probably not...
  • TW-
    @DaniBanani16 That's wonderful of you to have opened up on Facebook! I agree that it's unfortunate that miscarriage is so common but women are afraid to share such a painful and already lonesome time. I seriously considered sharing our story on our would-be EDD, but DH requested me not to. He was open to the idea of a rainbow baby announcement though, hence why I'm now deciding how best to do that. :) I'm also going to keep mum about the rest of the pregnancy until the birth. 

    @pandalily I talked to my mom once following my loss about not announcing on FB at all, but she was adamant that I be excited and allow others to be excited for me - just as I would have done even without a prior loss. I do see her point, and I think for me, posting a pregnancy announcement that also includes a brief homage or reference to our difficult TTC journey makes me feel better about being a bit AW-ish.


    Me: 32      DH: 32
    Married: 11/19/11
    TTC 3/15
    BFP #1: 10/15, MMC 12/15 (10.5 weeks)
    BFP #2: 7/16, DD born 3/2/17 at 38 weeks <3
    BFP #3: 4/18, DS born 12/11/18 at 36 weeks <3
  • I picked 15-18 weeks because we are going to a Celtic Festival in September and I'll be 18 weeks then. We're going to buy an Irish themed onesie or something and do an announcement regarding that since we are part Irish and this baby will most likely be born in March.
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  • I am waiting to hear my genetic testing results then will post along with the sex! Although I am worried I won't find out the results before labour day, and we are going to visit my sister. She takes a lot of pictures and I am definitely showing, and I really don't want anyone playing the guessing game of 'gained weight or pregnant' when they see pictures of me.
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  • I am debating it at all. Part of me just doesn't want the gender comments. (Not another girl/finally a boy) I wish that people would be happy for me either way but I don't think they will. I also dislike the comments about me being slutty because I have kids so close together ("you must do it lile bunnies"). Another one I want to avoid is negative connotations about a big family ("can you afford 4?" "do you not know how to use contraceptives?")... yeah, maybe I will delete facebook instead of announce! Lol
    People can be such assholes. 
    I may not announce for similar reasons 
  • I've been telling people face to face since I saw the heart beat at 10 week. Well, just the close friends and family.
    If I do announce I want it to be closer to 18-20 weeks for our anatomy scan. Possibly a picture of the boys practicing their big brother skills on dolls or something cute like that.
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