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7 weeks post vaginal birth - I don't recognize my vagina! Help!

This is embarrassing, so thank God for anonymous online forums!

I'm 7w postpartum. My baby was in the NICU after birth, and then subsequently readmitted 3 weeks ago, so I missed my 6 week postpartum appointment. I didn't even take a look (or poke around) down there until tonight and I'm absolutely terrified by what I discovered.

It's difficult to describe, but there is extra tissue/lumps in my vagina. You can clearly see them and feel them. 

I am away from home at a specialized hospital with my daughter now and it will be days before I can get back home to my OB to get checked out. So in the meantime, what is up with my vagina!

Re: 7 weeks post vaginal birth - I don't recognize my vagina! Help!

  • I did get stitches. I hadn't considered that they may be lingering. I'm hoping it's something simple like that. I talked to my OB today and she convinced me to take the trip up tomorrow to see her.

    My LO is doing well. She was extubated today and she is loving it! Thanks for your reply.
  • Mine is VERY different too and I have the same lumps you are talking about! I tore a bit and but had no stitches. A baby came out of there! It won't look the same as it did before ever again. At first I was horrified and embarrassed by how it looked, but I realize that it is a beautiful sign of the amazing thing I did by pushing my daughter out into the world! Be proud!! Seriously. 
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  • Glad you went back to the doctor. I can tell you that.. I tore to the third degree. I had two layers of stitches completed by a surgeon. It was an actual 2.3 inch tear. I made the mistake of looking too early, it was horrifying. I remember crying in the shower. But now, I think I actually like my lady parts better now. Everything healed fine. Scar tissue just takes longer. 

    Just make sure you keep seeing s doctor if you have discomfort, painful intercourse or even bladder leakage. 
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