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  • We had planned on being team green, but baby had a plan of his own. We are having a baby boy! Would have had to be blind to miss it in the ultrasound! And even more than that, I am so relieved to find out he is measuring a week ahead and 12 oz! My sickness hasn't prevented this guy from growing big and strong.
    I'm so afraid of this happening today at our A/S. I think I'll have to look away until the tech locates baby and tells us it's safe to look. 

    Staying team green is hard. Congrats on your healthy baby boy!!! 

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  • @LastMango yes, definitely ask the tech to let you know! She wasn't even down by the legs when we saw, she was trying to get a good angle for a spine shot when he moved and it just went right across the screen. I didn't think it would be so obvious.
  • Definitely avert your eyes.  With my son, the tech put the ultrasound wand on my belly and the screen was immediately filled with a little penis.  We had been planning to find out anyway, but had we been on the fence, he would have made the decision for us!

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  • Waaaahh!! But I wanna seeee! 

    My DD had her legs crossed during her A/S so it wasn't a problem then. Guess I'll be looking away. Pouting. 

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  • @LastMango if you have a good tech that knows it's important to you not to know from the start then they should be able to help direct you when to look and when not. Once they get a good feel for where the baby is and what they are looking at they can tell you to look and if there is a chance something may show up that you don't want to see they can tell you to look away.

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    @JessLeonard23 today at my 16.5 week check up doctor says 80% sure it's a boy he even wagered a steak dinner ("not a car" his words) I really didn't think I cared but it's been an emotional afternoon trying to process kinda glad I have decided not to tell anyone till after our as scan on sept 7th I apparently need the time. I really thought it was a girl,  with ds I had no inkling, so being so convinced is sorta hard for me. Part of me is still hoping he is wrong, come on steak dinner lol. Hubby is so calm about everything it's kinda nice but then I feel guilty for caring. 
  • @LastMango I was just going to say that! I thought there were a lot of boys a few weeks ago. Now I feel like it's mostly boys. I wonder if the spreadsheet is updated. 
  • @kelseyh62 I love that reaction!
  • Haha didn't someone say a while back that there was a vagina fest going on? Seems like lots of boys lately though- we find out in a little over a week!! (Hopefully!)
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  • @underthesea I'm so excited for you! I'm also pretty sure we are bump twins, now I'm more sure. Anyway. :) 
  • @kelseyh62 I wanted to say first, congrats, and second, I LOVE how you worded that. I have been trying to wrap my head around how I can express what I feel about this baby being a girl, since she is our first child as well! It definitely feels like I've been handed a puzzle piece. I sat in disbelief for hours until I finally was like, her her her! I am having a girl! It is such an amazing feeling! 
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