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tips for a healthy natural birth

I want a natural vaginal birth, possibly an unmedicated birth. I've read about women who have had medical issues after giving birth and want to know how to give birth  without medical issues afterward.

Re: tips for a healthy natural birth

  • Like the pp said, regardless of how you deliver your baby there is always a risk of medical issues coming up. If you want an unmedicated birth, I suggest additional classes such as Bradley method or hypnobirthing classes that focus on that to help you have the most education possible. I believe knowing as much as you can will go a long way toward helping you have the delivery you want, and even if something comes up, you are better prepared to deal with it.

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  • Pray! :)

    In all seriousness though, even after going through an unmediated, vaginal birth - you are going to have to recover in some sense. It is just how it goes. I had a relatively easy labor and still tore and needed stitches. Sure some people have greater issues than others but there is no real way to prepare for that. 

    I promise though, I was unmediated and didn't even notice I tore or that I was getting stitches because after labor that is nothing - PLUS you are holding your baby <3

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