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Hello All!! (** CP Mentioned)

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Hello everyone!
I'm here writing my first post to introduce myself to all of you lovely ladies. I may have been scoping out the place for a while, just didn't  feel 100% comfortable joining in until now. I'm 27, and DH is 31, and we are TTC #1, we are on our 13th month of TTC and 1st month with Clomid prescribed by my OB. I'm on CD4 currently and super excited and nervous to be taking my first steps in trying to get pregnant with help. I have an RE appointment in September, but wanted to try something while waiting, and next week (fertile week i'm hoping?) we're on vacation, so i'm hoping that helps with a sticky baby! Month 11 i did have a BFP, but it sadly ended in a CP at week 5. Both hubby and I were devastated. Hubby's SA was decent, 22million, but morphology only at 4%. We'll see what happens... Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Re: Hello All!! (** CP Mentioned)

  • I'm sorry that you have found yourself here. But it's a great place to learn and have people to lean on, and vent to that understand what you are feeling. I'm kind of new myself.
  • Hello and welcome! I'm so sorry you had a loss...that must have been devastating :( How long have you been married?
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  • Hey guys! sorry I didn't see you had responded until now!! Our first anniversary was just Sunday! We've been really NTNP for the greater part of 3 years... I think I always felt like something was wrong with me because I was never great about using protection in my long term relationships... and never had a scare. I know that sounds bad, but its kind of how I knew something was up... So then after this first year of OPKS, using the OvaCue, timing, temping, ect, I knew it was for sure time to get help. I'm so grateful for communities like this to have people in similar situations!! How about you guys?
  • Welcome!  I'm so sorry you find yourself here, and I'm also very sorry to hear about your loss.  You'll definitely finds lots of support here.  Looking forward to you joining in.  
    Me: 35 | DH: 39
    Married: January 2014
    TTC #1 since August 2015 -- Diagnosis: MFI (low count/motility), RPL
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
    IF History:
    August 2016-June 2017 - 6 IUIs (clomid x 1, letrozole x 5), 6 BFNs. DH on clomid Oct. 2016-June 2017. July/August 2017 - IVF - 9 retrieved, 5 fertilized (ICSI), 3 to blast. 1 fresh transfer, 2 frozen. BFN. :/ October/November 2017 - FET #1 11/2. CP. :'( January 2018 - Second opinion and changed clinics February/March 2018 - IVF #2 - 19 retrieved, 15 mature, 13 fertilized (ICSI), 5 to blast. 1 fresh transfer, 4 frozen. CP. May/June 2018 - FET #2 5/30. Loss at 6 weeks. July 2018 - PGS testing = 2 normal embryos August/September 2018 - FET #3 cancelled (wonky hormones); September/October 2018 - FET #3 10/4 BFP EDD 6/22/19
  • @TSki814 Welcome!  I'm sorry to hear about your loss as well.  I've been through the same thing.  I hope your vacation is relaxing and leads to a sticky BFP!

    Me: 35 DH: 41, Married since 2009

    TTC since June 2012

    Aug. 2012: CP

    2013 Several cycles of TI with Clomid = BFN

    Feb. 2014: IUI = BFN

    June 2014: IUI w/Clomid = BFN

    Jul. 2014: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN

    Apr. 2016: Consult to begin IVF

    May 2016 TI w/Follistim and Ovidrel = BFN

    Jul. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Vitamin D, COQ10, DHEA, Gonal F, Menopur, Cetrotide, Novarel, Leuprolide Acetate: 21 eggs retrieved, (10 w/ ICSI, 11 w/conv. IVF) 13 fertilized

    Jul. 2016: Endometrin, Fresh Transfer 2AB = CP

    7 frozen

    Oct. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA = CP

    6 frozen

    Nov. 2016: Hospitalized for small bowel obstruction

    Mar. 2017: Diagnostic Laparoscopy = Twist found in intestine - part of small intestine, part of colon, and appendix removed, bowel resection - caused by Endometriosis

    May 2017: 3.75 Lupron Depot

    June 2017: FET postponed due to complex cysts in breasts

    June 2017: Endometrial scratch

    Jul. 2017: Baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA (lost 1 4AA in thaw) = CP

    4 frozen

    Sept. 2017: ERA testing

    Oct. 2017: Breast cysts biopsied

    Dec. 2017: FET

  • I'm hoping so too!!!! I'm supposed to o next week sometime I think.... I'm not being followed so I'm not sure when I'll o. I normally have 31 day cycles and o on CD 17 so we'll see if clomid changes anything! 
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