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My son just got HFMD on Monday. Poor guy! We've narrowed down that he got it from our niece, who was the only child he had contact with the past 2 weeks that actually had it. I'm so pissed that my SIL knew our niece was sick with it and she didnt mention it to us when we saw them. She didnt even mention that she had it at all until she heard my DS had come down with it. I so badly want to say something to her. I think its completely irresponsible of her to not mention that our niece was sick - especially since DS and niece had been in close contact 2 weeks ago - right around the time she had it or had gotten over it. UGH! people and their stupidity. Is there anything that I can say to SIL to let her know we're not thrilled she kept this info from us? 

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  • I don't think there is a kind way to say it. 

    if it were me I would just wait till it came up on its own and mention that your pediatrician said (which he would likely agree?) that it was likely from your niece. And then mention you are suppose to wait till 48hrs after all symptoms are completely  gone before going out. Say it in a as a matter fact, since you didn't know, so no one else gets sick again... Type of way. 

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  • According to my Pedi, most children are contagious 2-3 days before any symptoms until the blisters scab over. So maybe she didn't know her LO had it yet. L got HFAM from daycare because they can spread it before showing symptoms, much like strep throat.

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  • The simple answer to you question: In a reasonable tone and manner say "Hey, we're pretty sure the HFMD came from _______, so would you give us heads up next time she's sick or has been sick so we can be prepared just in case?" 

    That's assuming they even knew, like @Kate08Young said, she could have been contagious before she even had symptoms they could recognize. 

    I know how upsetting it is when your baby gets sick, but try not to hold it against the parents of sick kiddos, illnesses happen, and the parents likely aren't withholding information to be careless or malicious, they probably just genuinely didn't think there was any reason for concern. 
  • I would talk with her more about it before you jump to conclusions that she was being stupid.

    my son also had HFMD and 2 days before we noticed any symptoms he was around our whole family who then caught it several days later. I felt so bad that everyone got sick but I didn't even know my LO had any type of sickness yet.  Luckily everyone was understanding. Also, the pediatrician cleared him to go back to daycare only a couple days later. Your SIL may have also been told that your niece was no longer contagious.

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