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5 month old not rolling over

My 5 month old is still not rolling over either way. I'm getting concerned I do plenty of tummy time and assist her with rolling over idk what else to do. Any suggestions? 

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    Mine turned 5 months on August 1st. He also doesn't roll. I mean, he's done it maybe 2x, but quite some time ago and he shows no interest in it now. That's fine. I hear some babies go straight to crawling. 
  • Mine still isn't rolling either at 23 weeks. She's sitting up pretty well unassisted so I'll take that as a win. She doesnt seem to have any interest in turning herself over at all. Oh well...she'll get it eventually. Don't worry too much about it. 
  • My son is 19 weeks and has only rolled belly to back. He didn't do it until he was 17 weeks and I was really worried. My older son did it at 3 months and both my boys were born on the 22nd and a Tuesday (first one was 7/22/14 and second was 3/22/16) so I was comparing everything my second one did to the first one for a while. Just needed to remind myself all babies are different and do things at their own pace. If you're really concerned you can call your doctor and discuss your concerns with them. That's what doctors are there for. Take full advantage of their knowledge and advice. 
  • Our DS is 19 weeks as well and he as only rolled a couple times. He doesn't seem very interested in it either. We talked to our pedi about it and he said not to stress about it too much. But if you are really concerned I would talk to you pedi about like PP said. 
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  • My son is 21 weeks and rolls back to belly but not belly to back. Our ped said it could be because he has such good head control that his head has not accidentally taken him over when he is on his belly.

  • My 21 week old has only done back to belly a couple of times but I think it's because she hates being on her tummy (breastfed, but very gassy).  She loves to be on her side though.  She met her other milestones so I'm not too worried.
  • lurking, but my daughter was not rolling over at 5 months either. at her 6 month check up, we were referred to a physical therapist and she made great progress. she is now 13 months old and just started crawling, but her language skills are verg advanced. babies just work on one thing at a time! 
  • I would definitely talk to your pediatrician!
  • Mine isn't either and hes almost 6 months he's rolled over once or twice, but was on either pillows or an uneven surface when its happened. He just has absolutely no interest in it. He can sit up by himself for a good amount of time with the occasional falling over, but still kind of worried. 
  • Update:

    We had our 6-month appointment a couple of weeks ago and I asked the pediatrician about rolling. My LO still doesn't roll much. Occasionally he'll go from belly to back (and by that I mean he MIGHT do it once every couple of weeks), but I've never seen him even attempt back to belly. I can put him down in one position and he's almost always laying exactly the same way when I pick him up again later. He does have decent head/neck control and can lift his chest up quite high and for a long time on his tummy. He can also sit by himself (if placed that way) for a couple of minutes before he gets bobbly. 

    She wasn't worried at all. She said he might just go straight to crawling and to give him plenty of tummy time. If by 9 months he is still a very sedentary baby, that's when she'll start to worry a bit.

    Anyway, talk to your pediatricians about it, but it seems our anti-rollers are probably on the lazy side of normal. :-p
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