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Spilling Protein at 10 weeks

Anyone have experience with protein in a 24-Hr urine catch in the first trimester?  I just got my lab results yesterday. I'm not sure what the result was other than "some protein".  I will find out more at my appointment on Monday.

I don't have a UTI or pre-existing kidney problems. I had preeclampsia last pregnancy. It was diagnosed at 30 weeks and I had an emergency c section at 34 weeks because of blood pressure. 


Re: Spilling Protein at 10 weeks

  • @ohstars I know this thread is old, how did you make out?  I was told after severe pre-e and HELLP that I could have levels of protein found in urine going forward if the damage was severe enough from my previous pregnancy.  My docs ran a full pre-e panel on me at 12 weeks this pregnancy and all came back okay.  Hoping for you this is just your normal after last birth and not the start of severe issues.  
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  • Thanks @difazette! I'm only 13 weeks but so far my bp has been good. 

    The drs gave me the results last week and my protein is at 219. They say they will just use that as a baseline to see how much it increases over time. She said that if in a few weeks it came back at 300 they would be concerned but not as concerned as they would be for someone who went from 0-300 in a matter of weeks. 

    They said that they do not dx pre-e before 20w and rarely that early. That said, I did get dx at 30w and had to deliver at 34w last time so I am at increased risk for an early pre-e dx.

    So I'm on the wait and see plan. I'm taking my baby aspirin and hoping for the best. And narotically taking my bp at home several times a week. :smile:
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