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Baby Dropping (Lightening)

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Hey Everyone!

I'm a FTM here and 37 weeks. My little girl is so high still, causing me terrible heartburn and shortness of breath. I was reading up on when they drop and it said 2-4 weeks before birth, so technically, she should be dropping sometime this week right? Do all babies drop in FTM, I read that seconds and thirds don't, but do the firsts? Also, does it happen in like a day, or over the course of a few days?  Does this mean that I am going to go past my due date? I am so ready to either end the heartburn with the dropping or have her out altogether, it's the worst!  TIA!

Re: Baby Dropping (Lightening)

  • She will drop when she wants to. And she may not drop much at all either. It can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks, doesn't really mean much other than she's headed in the right direction: out. It also doesn't have much bearing on your due date either. She will come when shes ready. DD didn't drop at all and was born exactly 1 week early.

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  • None of my babies have dropped until labour was well underway. (Even the first) 

    Your baby might drop, might not. Either way doesn't mean you will go past your date.
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  • My baby dropped 3 or 4 weeks prior to my due date, and I still went a week overdue. And may have even gone longer overdue, but since I was AMA, my Dr was not comfortable letting me go any longer overdue than that one week. 

    And, sorry, but once they drop you trade one set of discomforts for a whole other set. In addition to probably still having heartburn, you have the feeling of carrying a bowling ball in your pelvis, and if baby starts to headbutt you, or move their head around for any reason, it's really uncomfortable. 

    You will be able to breathe better, tho. And you're in the home stretch. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your daughter. 
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  • Thank you everyone! I guess I just have to wait it out, ugh, she's definitely making me ready to get her out! And I realized I originally posted "Baby Dripping" not "Dropping", lol. 
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