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Fit mama check in, down to the wire style!

anyone still logging workouts?

if so, what are you doing?


gtky: post partum plans for working out? Wait 6 weeks? Etc.

Re: Fit mama check in, down to the wire style!

  • Still logging, but there is pretty much zero effort put in! Averaging 3 days a week now. Still lifting weights/walking/elliptical. But I'm not pushing myself as my motivation and energy is gone! 
    I get nerve pain while walking sometimes so when that happens I stop. 

    I'm not sure when doctors usually clear you to workout again.. Is it 6 weeks? If so I'll prob start up then but slowly!

  • I'm still 5 days a week. Running a few days in the morning, no more than 3.5 to 4 miles. Then taking classes at a treadmill/Pilates mix place.

    No pain. My pace has slowed down another 30 seconds or so per mile. Pilates feels great still. Hoping to keep it up until he arrives.

    I am going to try and respect my body and not run before 6 weeks out this time. However I will do light weights and walking as soon as I feel ready.
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  • I'm still running a few days per week. I bought a gym membership because I couldn't take the Texas heat anymore and it has helped a ton! Hoping to keep up 2-3 miles 3 or so days each week. I need to find some kind of yoga to do with this giant belly!

    my hips are super sore after running but recover quickly. Otherwise no pain while running which is good. It actually helps my back a lot! 

    I'll wait to run at least 6 weeks. I've heard of too many women never feeling totally healed or hurting themselves by jumping in too quickly. I'll walk short distances and gradually increase when I feel ready.

  • Fitness instructor here.... I dropped teaching my high intensity (Spin, Step) classes around  35 weeks pregnant. My back and legs were killing me after and it took me the rest of the day to recoup. Yesterday I offically taught my last classes (HIIT and Yoga) and now am on maternity leave. I am schuedled for a c-section in 6 days and don't think I will do much until then. Just walking around a mall is a struggle right now! 
    I plan to try and get back into as soon as I can. I had a CS with my daughter and very lightly did the elliptical or bike for about 15min at week 5 post partum. I started bleeding lightly after workouts (Dr said OK if light and to take it easy). Planning on the same this time. Will get back into teaching at 3months mark (have to wait until new baby meets age limit at gym daycare). I typically teach 15-18 classes a week (Yoga, Step, Spin, Kickbox, Strength, HIIT)
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  • @mooncusp22 I am officially impressed!

  • Still working out 6 days a week. I've dropped running down to walk/jog intervals. I do CrossFit 3 days a week and one day of yoga. I get a little bit of hip/pelvic pain after running, so I'm walking more than I'm running, but at least I'm moving! 

    I have a c-section scheduled for Thursday, August 4th and I'm very, very nervous about not being able to workout for a long time. Exercise majorly helps my anxiety. My CrossFit instructor has a pregnancy recovery workout plan ready for me (mostly kettlebell swings and exercises to help me reconnect to my core) that I will begin as soon as I get the all-clear from my doctor. I hope to start walking as soon as I feel comfortable. 
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  • Still doing CrossFit a few days a week but this week Has been a struggle to even make it to the gym with work and traffic.   Hope to pick it up next week though. I have just over 2 weeks until I'm induced so would like to keep up with what little I can do until then.  Would love to be able to ease back into the gym as soon as I feel up for it and would rather not wait 6 weeks but we'll see how it goes.  
  • Does walking over 13,000 steps a day at work count? I miss running so much,  but I walk pretty much all day at work.  I also occasionally get to walk a few miles with my running buddy.  Not near as often as I'd like though. 
    I plan to start running again around 6 weeks PP.
  • @shanrum3 yes that counts! Good for you for keeping your steps up! I need to start wearing my Fitbit again once baby is here. 
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  • texasmama2014  haha, thank you! I am impressed with myself too actually, didn't think I would make it past 30 weeks and was not nearly half as active with my 1st pregnancy. The worst part is I still gained 50lbs!!! wahhhh
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  • @mooncusp22 your body knew what it needed! I'm sure you look adorable, and baby will be super healthy and perfect.

  • I totally went for a 4 mile walk this morning at 39w5d. .. hoping it helps speed up labor.
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  • @ShanRum3 Yesterday I asked my doc if there was anything I could do to make some freaking progress (I'm 38 +5 today, and NO progress), and she said walking and sex.  I reminded her that I'm still running, and she was shocked that I haven't made any progress.  

    Great job on the 4 miles!

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  • @texasmama2014 Ya, I think those are the only two things that might work. I did a 5k yesterday morning and plan on doing one at lunch on the treadmill. I would really love to go into labor this weekend, so am going to see if hubs is up for dtd tomorrow or sunday. Hate having to plan it!
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    @LWC1112 DH was actually at the appointment so we dtd last night, and i'm guessing he will use that excuse anytime we are at home at the same time from now until I finally get this baby out!!!

  • Haha thanks @Hannah0726 ;

    My lunchtime run was pretty ridiculous but maybe it will move baby along. Or maybe I just made him more comfortable. Who knows!
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  • @LWC1112 My pace has been so laughable for a long time.

  • @Hannah0726 LOL Thanks!  
    I'm at the point where I'll try anything!  DH and i dtd last night, and I tried nipple stimulation with the pump. Then my 4 mile walk this morning.  My pace was 18 minute miles, so not fast, but I'm trying to stay moving. 
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