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kelslyniekelslynie member
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Looks like we are moving to Ft Hood at the end of June. <:-P

What is it like (and surrounding areas)? any advice...? I am really excited despite some bad things I've heard. What about the housing on-base? We've never lived in on-base housing but it seems like a good idea this time. Ft Hood's housing seems nicer and looks like there's a lot more to do on the base. We have two young ones, a toddler and a baby.
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Re: Fort Hood

  • If you have a Facebook look for "Fort Hood Military spouse& families" page. They post upcoming events or news. You can also ask the other wives questions. Scroll through the post because they have answered your question about base housing recently. We have lived off base since we got here 3 years ago.




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  • stx14stx14 member
    We have been in Fort Hood for a while now and we live off post. The area we live in is nice and is convenient to lots of the stores and places to eat etc.  
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  • We were stationed at Ft Hood for 2.5 years... We lived in McNair which was right near the main gate. I loved the convenience of it. Do you know what housing village you will be in??
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  • we live off post. I've heard some bad things about living on post but I think it might be best just because some of the surrounding areas in killeen are more on the ghetto side. If you do live off post try to get into a gated apartment complex. My husband was out of the country for training when I rented our place (did everything on line from another state) and I didn't get to see our surrounding areas, turns out we live right across from all the clubs
  • We are at Fort Hood and live in Copperas Cove which is a smaller area about 5 to 10 minutes from post. It's pretty quiet here as well. If you do live off post in Killeen you have to be choosy about which areas you live in as some areas are pretty rough. Another thing to consider is traffic going from Killeen toward post in the mornings and from post to Killeen in the evenings. Traffic gets pretty stopped up and most times is at a dead stop and backed up for miles. As far as on post housing, we haven't lived in on post housing but most of it seems pretty nice. As with anything it just depends which community you'll be in and type of housing unit.
  • How are you liking fort hood? We are stationed here as well. Let me know if you still need some information!
  • We have been gone for a year now (husband was medboarded) but, we were at Fort Hood for six years. It is what you make of it. We lived off post the entire time, and what the other ladies are saying is true, be choosy of where you pick off post. The advantage of off post, for us anyways, was that we were able to find good housing in a good neighborhood (Trimmier Estates) and still be able to have a good chunk of our bills covered using BAH alone. We had 2 kids by the time we left (4yr and 6mo old) and I myself was comfortable with the area enough to stay (rather than move home) through 2 deployments. Traffic anywhere in general from anywhere off post WILL get backed up. But your family will figure out the "sweet spot" that extra five minutes early where yall will either beat or be right at the head of the traffic. 
    If you need any other input I'd be happy to help just let me know! We aren't in the area anymore, but we're still relatively close (2 hours away) happy to help in any way I can
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