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Need some kind words

I fell down the stairs today early this morning. Didn't have any pain or cramping until the afternoon. Started cramping a little but having a lot of discharge, no blood. I have an ultrasound tomorrow at 2 to see if there is a heart beat. I had just been to the doctors for the blood confirmation which was perfect results. Now, I fear things could be over but pray they aren't. Keep us in your thoughts tonight. 

Re: Need some kind words

  • FX and sending you positive vibes for good results tomorrow! Keep us updated!
  • I hope it brings you great comfort that your little bean is very protected in there right now. I imagine you might be sore, maybe soak in some epsom salts to keep it from getting bad? I hope you feel better in the morning:) 
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  • Your baby is so well cushioned in there. I'm sure you didn't do any harm - except maybe a few bruises on you! Hope you aren't too sore, and best wishes for a happy ultrasound tomorrow!
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    Fx that everything is fine. Please let us know how your u/s goes.
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  • I fell on ice at 29 weeks while holding my 20 month old. Baby was perfectly fine.  I hope everything is okay at your appt tomorrow.
  • Thoughts and prayers for you and your LO. I'm sure your baby is fine. Like PP's have said, baby is very protected right now. Keep us updated. 
  • I fell down some stairs at 8w with DD and all was fine. I've also had a lot of cramping and discharge with both pregnancies and all has been normal (so far, with this one). Try not to stress! Sending good vibes!
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  • Agree with PP, baby is super well cushioned right now! Hope you feel ok and that your US goes well tomorrow!
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  • FX for you... keep us updated!
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  • Definitely take comfort in the super cushion!
    FX you receive good news and take comfort in seeing the lil blob on the screen! 
  • meq124meq124 member
    Fingers crossed for you!
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  • Fingera crossed for happy news! And God bless the super cushion!

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