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Hello all!

I'm a 35 year old mom-to-be again (I hope).  I lost my daughter, 2 years ago, at 6 months gestation due to incompetent cervix.  I am now nearly 13 weeks pregnant with my doodle.  I have a consult tomorrow with a high-risk OBGYN, to talk about a cerclage placement.  Has anyone here had one placed?  If so, what was the procedure like?  Sex or no sex afterwards?  I'm struggling to enjoy this pregnancy, for the nightmare that we went through with losing our daughter.  I want to be happy, but, I'm scared to get attached.  I'm hoping a cerclage is my saving grace this time around.  I'm just scared.  Any information or advice is appreciated.

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Re: Incompetent Cervix

  • I am a second time mom (to be) that was identified as having a short cervix at my 20 week anatomy scan.  I had my son via emergency c-section at 37.5 weeks in 2013.  They first tried progesterone suppositories but my cervix kept shortening so an emergency cerclage was placed at  23 weeks. I was put on modified bed rest at my 20 week appointment and that continued through my cerclage placement until about 34 weeks.  This included complete pelvic rest, no standing for more than 15 minute intervals and only lifting things that were 5lbs or less. 

    I was given a spinal for the cerclage placement and it was about a 30 minute procedure.  A lot of pressure afterwards like you have to pee but you can't.  They wouldn't discharge me until I did.  The removal sucked at 36 weeks.  I had some contractions so the OB wanted to remove the cerclage.  I like to think that I can deal with some uncomfortable situations but as soon as he started opening up the speculum I couldn't take it and they gave me a mild sedative. It was taken out in the hospital setting so I had an IV and the sedative worked immediately.  Probably the most relaxed I have been my entire pregnancy!   I am 38 weeks pregnant now and eagerly awaiting for the little one to make an appearance. 

    My understanding is that with earlier placement you may be able to avoid being put on an extended bed rest, maybe just a week or so after the cerclage is placed.  Once it is in there is a sense of relief that something is "holding" the baby in there.  Best of luck to you!
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  • Ditto PP. I had DS at 36 weeks after I stopped progesterone and bed rest, and I got a cerclage with this LO. It was painful for a day afterward and uncomfortable for another day or so, but worth the increased peace of mind. 

    We we tried sex once after the cerclage was placed (maybe three weeks after).  DH said he could feel the stitches (they used a wire), and it wasn't too pleasant for either of us. We're exploring our alternatives these days. 
  • Hi Ladies!

    So sorry for everyones losses and hope that you may all have an excellent experience with your rainbow babies! I too lost my baby boy at 17 weeks on mothers day 2014. After over a year with no answers my OB has come to a conclusion that i have IC. 
    Im currently 14w with our rainbow baby and am having a very hard time feeling comfortable and stress free. Last friday was my first appointment with maternal fetal medicine (specialist) to discuss a cerclage. Unfortunately i didn't get many answers and was told that they dont start measuring the cervix til 16 weeks. Again this made me worry more. I have so many questions and wont be seeing MFM for another 2 weeks.
    Thank you for all the info on the placement of the cerclage and the procedure, that really does put my mind at ease a bit. Have any of you discussed the possibility of a c-section? Im just not sure what to expect after the cerclage is taken out.
    Thanks so much ❤
  • I also lost my last pregnancy at 16w due to pprom. I have an appointment with an MFM specialist at 12 weeks (2 weeks from now) and was told they'd do the first cervical measurements by ultrasound then. So I'm surprised to see other doctors say they can't do it until 16w. I wonder if the woman booking my appointment mispoke. Anyone else start doing cervical measurements at 12w?
  • Hi everyone,

    I had a cerclage placed on 4/21.  It was a trans-vaginal cerclage.  I opted not on the abdominal cerclage as it would have put me on bed rest immediately.  Bed rest scares me, without my income, my family would struggle. I may have to go on bed rest anyway, but am hoping that God takes care of my body and baby, and allows me to work and do activities.  

    The procedure wasn't bad, in fact, I do not remember any of it.  I was put under general anesthesia and when I woke up, I wasn't in much pain.  As the day went on and I was released, I started to have pain and pressure, some cramping etc.  I was given Norco for pain and a drug to help stave off contractions.  The anti-contraction pills were a two-day routine.  I stopped the Norco shortly after.  I came back to work today with lifting and walking restrictions.  I still have some cramping and pressure, especially when using the bathroom.  

    I have an 85 to 90% chance of successful full-term birth with this cerclage and the 17-P shots.  Nothing is 100 percent, and I am the type of person that wants a guarantee that everything is going to be ok.  But in life there really are no guarantees.  I'm falling in love with my little boy already.  I want to feel safe in doing so.  I fell in love with my daughter, and lost her.  I was crushed, I still am crushed.  I think of and miss her every single day.  I pray she is watching over me and lil' man.
  • Yay for good news
  • I think I'm about the most extreme situation- first pregnancy, found to be <1cm and 2cm dilated at my 18 week Sono, saw MFM right after who offered a rescue cerclage (got it that night). I'm also on progesterone suppositories and bedrest. It's encouraging to hear others out there going through this! I'm now 23 weeks along and still on bedrest. Every week is a new milestone!
  • How soon or late can you find out if you have an incompetent cervix? At week 13 I started having some bleeding (like I was on my period), and I went in and saw a midwife since my doctor was unavailable. She said that the bleeding was coming from my cervix, and sometimes "this just happens". I'm worried that I will have more problems in the future. Is this something I should address with the OB when I see her again? I haven't had sex, and I put myself on light bedrest in the meantime and the spotting has finally stopped. I go back in for my 15 week appointment next week.

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  • Yes, address your concerns with your OB. Also, request for them to measure your cervix via ultrasound.
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  • I lost my baby Noah at 21 weeks. No answers were really offered to me as of why this happened. 6 months later we tried again, the doctors did not seem concerned at all, I was not offered anything as a preventing measure for that to happen again. It did. At 16 weeks my water broke, and I had to give birth to my baby Joy... My family has been through so much. My daughter now 13 suffered so much. Well now is 6 months later and I am pregnant again. I did my research, got a new doctor.(Thank God) at 12 weeks got a cerclage. Everything looks good so far. (14w and 5days)I am positive and have faith things will work out for the best. God is good. I do have nightmares, and check my panties for leakage all day.I wear a pad everyday because i have an urgency to pee all the time that makes nervous... I don't want my water to break again. Its an uneasy feeling. Everyday I look at the calendar and think I want to make it to 24 weeks... Its hard to enjoy a pregnancy when your body and soul been through so much pain... 
    The only advise if you don't get answers change doctors. My second baby had a better chance if I was offered a cerclage then. Blessings to all of you ladies. I will keep you posted on how my cerclage is holding up. I have to see the doctor every 2 weeks to check on my cervix. 
  • How was your follow up appointment @karabearrr
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  • Jami90Jami90 member
    I'm 20 weeks and I'm in the hospital. I got my cerclage this morning. I've been cautious/ nervous all day. Hopefully I will get more information in the morning from the doctor. Any tips?
  • Hey guys... I've been through a ton since that last post. Just a few days after that post I felt a bulge when going to the bathroom and they found I was dilated 4cm despite my emergency cerclage appearing at least partially in place still. We held on for another 2 weeks in the hospital, but developed a sudden high fever. We lost our little girl to an infection and I took very ill (wound up in the ICU for 4 days). I'm doing much better now, and of course we are absolutely heart broken over our little girl, but we have felt a lot of peace knowing that we did our very best for her and trusting in Gods plan. 

    A couple things I've learned that I'd like to share with you all:
    1. Cerclages are life saving. There is a big difference between a rescue cerclage (if you just found out you are shortened and dilated) and a planned cerclage (usually early on in second pregnancy after a previous loss due to IC). Rescue cerclages (like I had) have much lower success rates and mug higher risk, but there's not much more to offer girls like me so if they do work it's wonderful. Mine actually worked very well (got me past 24 weeks from 18 weeks!) The infection we think was a very uncommon complication from being so dilated for weeks. I don't think my doctors did anything wrong even though we lost our precious baby. 

    2. Preventive (planned) cerclages are great. I plan to have one with my next pregnancy. We will all be high risk from now on, but are likely to do well with the cerclage! I know I won't be able to exercise beyond walking and I'm not sure about sex (seems opinions vary by doctor), but many times women don't need bed rest. They'll monitor us frequently including internal sonos and if our cervix shortens we will need to be placed on more restrictions.

    3. If you have to go on bedrest it is no fun but so worth it.  

    4. @karabearrr Bleeding from cervical irritation is not really related to cervical incompetence (although I had that too!) and it is common and fortunately not significant. Pelvic rest is recommended (no sex) and no exercise for a little while after, but bedrest doesn't help. Hope you're doing well! 

    5. @Imsuncar (not sure why it won't tag you) I am SO sorry about your losses. My heart breaks for you as only another bereaved mom can know. Your first doctor should have done more given your history with Noah. I am SO sorry but happy you were brave enough to try again! I admire your ability to stand firm in your confidence that God is good! I know we will try again but I am scared not only about another loss, but that if we have another loss whether my husband and I will both be strong enough to try again. 

    5. One tip for those of you with IC and pregnant now: try stool softeners! I used miralax daily at one point and colace twice a day at one point It made me much more comfortable that I wasn't straining so much. Pushing a baby out is just like having a bowel movement so i felt a lot better not creating that same pressure every day. Not sure there's any evidence behind it, but it doesn't hurt!
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