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Cows milk

anyone else starting to think about ditching the formula? I don't know why I am so nervous about this transition! We will be 1 on 8/4 so it'll be here soon 

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  • Yes I started doing half cows milk and half breast milk in a bottle. We've been doing it about a week now with no problems! I'm so excited to be weaning!!!
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  • I am!  My older daughter went completely from formula bottles to cow's milk sippy cups  between 11-12 months.  This one really loves her bottles though, so I think the transition may take a bit longer.


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  • Are you ladies worried about the calorie count dropping with losing formula. My boy eats a lot but he also loves his bottles! 
  • We've been doing cows milk for a month now, and actually other than it making his breath stink, no other issues. Minor poop changes, but that is to expected with any transition. But I do still give formula for morning bottle and night bottle, water and milk the rest of the day with meals though.
  • We give L 3 formula bottles a day -more if he wants them- and all of his sippy cups are water or regular milk. He eats 4-5 adult food meals a days, and seems to be happy and healthy with that.

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  • My lo will be one on 8/4 and we actually switched him to cows milk since he was 10.5 months old due to digestive issues. I was nervous but he has done so much better on it and glad we did 
  • What % of milk are you ladies using? We just started mixing 3.25% milk into his bottles this week. I notice that he never finishes a bottle anymore that has milk mixed in it. He used to chug 8oz bottles and now drinks about 5 ounces and is done. We mix 6 oz formula and 2oz milk
  • I give lo whole milk since it is recommended by doctors at one for them to have that milk 
  • @76nicole Whole Milk- they need the milk fat to help achieve and sustain adequate growth.
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