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3rd Trimester

Breech baby, pregnancy unbearable :(

my baby is frank breech, (yeah I get she can still turn) I'm 29 weeks....until then I'm beyond uncomfortable. Her head is at diaphragm pushing agains organs that make it hard to take in air or eat. Laying down is almost out of the question. Anyone else have a breech and found relief? I'm going to have to start sleeping sitting up. It's way more uncomfortable then my first who was not breech.

Re: Breech baby, pregnancy unbearable :(

  • She will turn. You've got plenty of time left :) DD was head up till almost 32 weeks and it was a pain in the ass trying to get comfortable. There's not much you can do besides trying to stretch out your torso when you start getting all crampy when she's moving. I slept in my recliner almost nightly starting at 30 weeks for the same reason. 

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  • Try spinning for some exercises encouraging baby to move head down. Good luck!
  • for exercises.  I saw a chiropractor who did the Webster technique which I found gave me tons of overall relief (not sure how much it actually helped get LO to spin though).  Sitting on a yoga ball or sitting in a kitchen chair backwards were both better than the couch. 

    I will also say that even when my guy is head down (which is was for most of pregnancy up until 35 weeks and then again after 37 weeks) I found it hard to breath and eat.  Those feelings may not get better even if the baby turns.  At that point you'll have a butt in your ribs instead of a head which will give you similar sensations in my experience.

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  • I'm going to second what's been said, DD was head down but her butt was jammed up in my ribs on the left and her feet liked to be under my ribs on the right.  I couldn't even sleep comfortably in the reclining glider because of how she was positioned.  Some babies just find the perfect position to make you absolutely miserable.  The last trimester can be really tough but you'll forget just how awful it was when you have your squishy baby in your arms, don't you worry. 

  • I tried the spinning babies exercises and some yoga. It helped some, but honestly it wasn't until baby turned that I felt most of my relief. Good luck!
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    I second a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique which loosens your round ligament and gives baby more room to turn. I started late at 36 weeks (consequently after we found out she was breech). But it worked like a charm and gave me a little more relief once she did turn. You are only 29 weeks and have plenty of time. GL!
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  • Thanks for all the tips!!!been trying it all, I'm 34 weeks no luck yet. I'm now having pink blood tinged and dilated to 1cm. I'm just hoping to hang on a few more weeks. 
  • Try acupuncture! There are some who work with breech babies to turn them around! 
  • Is this your first baby? My 4th was breech at 36 weeks, and my midwife did a version. He turned right back to breech as soon as she was done, but continued to go back and forth until delivery. If it had been my first pregnancy, I doubt he would have been able to move around so easily, as the uterus tends to be more stretchy in subsequent pregnancies. I ended up having the Webster technique performed by a chiropractor, and I visited the website and tried some of those techniques, but he kept going back and forth between vertex and breech presentation, so it's hard to say if any of those worked, or if he just enjoyed flipping around a lot.
  • My LO flipped at 38 weeks. It's never too late. 

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