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Longest you've stayed dilated?


i used to lurk around here more but haven't recently. I had a prenatal today and found out I'm 3cm and fairly effaced. Kinda exciting, but I'm barely 33 weeks. I really want to have a homebirth and it's not legal/safe to do that until 37 weeks. Hoping to hear some success stories of bedrest keeping babies in for a month! 


Re: Longest you've stayed dilated?

  • I was dilated 1cm at 32 weeks and was in bed rest. I was checked again at 36 weeks and I was close to 3cm and 80% effaced. I remained on bed rest till 37 weeks and I went into my scheduled c section at 39+2 with no further progress. I was on watch for preterm labor since 28 weeks. 
  • Thanks! Not looking for medical advice... Just some encouragement. :)

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  • kyraaDkyraaD
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    Momof1 said:
    Each pregnancy is different, you may be early, you may be near due date, or late.  only your medical provider can monitor you and see how you progress in the upcoming weeks and assess what is happening. 
    agreed 100%! 
    i was at 1cm at 38 weeks. had my baby boy at exactly 40 weeks.
  • I'm going on 2 weeks at a 1/2 cm...ugh! And I'm 37+3...
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    I was 4-5 cm and 100% effaced at 36 weeks. I had not been checked before. I had my LO at 38+6.

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  • I'm in your boat right now except I'm having light pink blood tinges, I was wondering same thing.
  • Haha I stayed at 8-9cm for 24 hours during labor. Not even kidding. You're going to find answers all over the spectrum because it means nada. 
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