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Tips for back pain during pregnancy

Do you have anything that worked for your back pain during pregnancy? I'm 31 weeks along with twins and in a ton of pain. I have one of those belly belts, but it only offers very minimal relief. Thanks!

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    The only thing that helped me was a U shaped pregnancy pillow. I got relief when I lay on my side with it. Hang in there!

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  • I haven't tried it, but I've seen a lot online about Kinesio taping during pregnancy. I got a small TENS machine, and would have my husband put the pads on for me. It wasn't a total fix, but would definitely give me some relief! 
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  • My dh gave me nightly massages. That helped a ton! Also my OB recommended wearing a heat wrap during the day. That helped immensely! 

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  • I just looked up Kinesio taping. It's worth a try. I'm getting a prenatal massage next week, so I'm hoping that helps too.

  • Massage was the only thing that helped me. (I went 38+4 with twins that totaled over 15#) Spend time in a pool of you can. 
    Youre almost there, good luck!!
  • Physical therapy, working from home full time (was commuting 2.5 hrs total per day - horrible on my back), and lying on my side as much as possible. 

    My back pain peaked at like 28-32 weeks and then seemed to ease up a bit when i figured out what helped. Hope you have the same luck! 
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