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Any words yet???

He has finally assigned us "mama" and "dada" and knows the difference, and he's starting to wave :)

Re: Any words yet???

  • She's just started calling us mama and dada too! It's so excited when they start this and you know that they are actually referring to you and not just babbling. :)
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  • We are so close to mama and dada! He looks directly at each of us when we say "where's dada" (ect). And he's trying to hard to say those words. We've almost mastered waving :)
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  • We get mama, dada, and baba. So comfort, fun and food.

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  • She said Dada at 5.5 months then stopped saying it for a while and then about a month or so ago she started again. Now it's all she says. All. The. Time. She is starting to say "ma" more. she babbles like crazy all the time. she even "talks" in her sleep.  
  • This is one of my favorite stages ♡
  • onaedonaed member
    I get dada and pop pop. Clearly my husband and my dad are happy. Not fair 
  • No words yet just a bunch of babbling 
  • KateDerekKateDerek member
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    Other than mama and dada, she has just started trying to repeat other things I say like uh-oh and out. It's just this week though, I feel like girls are much more verbal? The boys didn't do anything but babble at this age. 
  • onaedonaed member
    dada and pop pop, he's only said mama once and likely not intentionally. he does clap a lot and wave, even offically started walking yesterday... but mamma? nope!
  • banfrogbanfrog member
    She's big on sound effects kind of noises just like her brothers.
  • moopeemoopee member
    He says ut-oh and mom mom mom. Not sure if knows he's says mom
  • We have dada, mom, dog and hey. But he will only say hey to the phone lol he also loves to flip through his books and "read" 
  • She says dada all the time. She only said mama when she was sick with fever lol. She also says baba, hi, hey, cat, and she meows at the cat

  • My baby's first word was "Drexler" (Det-Der)... Our dogs name. I guess when I call/yell at the dog all day long he hears me
  • Ma ma, dada, ba ba, and uh oh, and ball

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  • He started shaking his head "no" at me when I have to get onto him. Attitude already! Haha
  • LO says "up".  He says it to everything but it's adorable. Otherwise it's just babbling 
  • He started shaking his head "no" at me when I have to get onto him. Attitude already! Haha
    my son does the same thing, idk where he got it but he shakes his head no a lot or he will start flailing his arms if I go to move him away from something.
  • LO says hey! all the time but thats its for now
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    Blessed  <3o:)
  • LO said mama today for the first time!  So exciting!!! 
  • We are now at dada, momma, baba, and nana. The only one he really associates with a person though is dada. The rest is more babble most of the time! 
  • Daddy sounds like "deedee" and is his jam now. He knows who deedee is specifically, and calls for him by 'name' haha. Bye bye and waving is down, and Momma (mum mum) has come to an end UNLESS he is tired, hungry, or fussy.
  • KateDerekKateDerek member
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    Other than dada and mama she is walking around saying "shit" which I can only hope is sit or something...
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