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Cystic Hygroma and fluid in abdomen

Hello all,
I'm 27 and first baby. Last week at 10 week 6 days had first u/s and my obgyn found a cystic hygroma (she didn't give us measurements) and fluid in baby's belly (the nurse said fluid wasn't noted being anywhere else). We are devastated. My doc was very grim listing all the chromosomal abnormalities and the mortality with each along with our options...We did blood work to check for chromosomal abnormalities and it's should be back next week. My concern is that I don't go see the high risk ob until I'm 13 weeks...seems like a very long time to wait after hearing my baby has life threatening markers. My questions are: Does anyone have any similar experiences with this? Did you have a long wait to see your specialist? Debating calling my ob practice tomorrow to push for an earlier appt. Feels uncomfortable not having a second set of eyes on the issue sooner. Thanks :) 


  • They may want your blood work to be available at the time of the appointment, and the cell free DNA testing can take up to 2wks to come back. Also, there's no treatment other than monitoring and hopefully it will go away by 20wks, so getting in earlier may not be necessary. Wishing you the best. 
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