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Cramps that aren't contractions?

I'm almost 34 weeks. Starting the night before last while I was sleeping I have been having what feels just like mild period cramps. I'm still able to function fine and go about my day, it's like those nagging menstrual cramps that start right before your period before the bad ones kick in. 

I don't believe I've ever had any contractions, Braxton Hicks or otherwise as there is not a distinguishable beginning and end to these cramps over the past 30 hours or so that I've been feeling them. They don't end when I rest. I am plenty hydrated as well.

From what I've read on Dr. Google it could be a sign or early labor or it could be uterine stretching or something fairly normal like that. I'm hesitant to call my ob office because my Dr. is on vacation and the only Dr. in the practice, I have an appointment Monday and don't want the office to tell me to go get checked at the hospital unless I really need to so I was kind of just planning to take it easy and keep hydrating and just call if I feel any different or if they intensify.

Have you ever experienced this?

Re: Cramps that aren't contractions?

  • Yes they are pretty typical and normal 
  • Make sure you're drinking enough water, that can cause cramping as well.
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  • Yep. Cramps are normal and extra extra hydration should help. I get them in the front and in my low back and have for months now. If they become painful or patterned, always call in.
  • Thank you for the replies. I'm definitely very much hydrated. Drinking water all day long, at least 150 oz and urine is pale. 
  • I learned while being at the hospital (with what I thought was a UTI), that the period like cramps I was having was actually contractions. Called Uterine Irritability. My uterus gets hard, I have the cramps and low back ache. I was starting to get them really frequently, so my doctor has put me on meds to lower the amount of contractions I get so that it doesn't turn into preterm labor, and I am on modified bed rest. She is also checking my cervix weekly. Although I can't normally keep them from happening, some triggers I have are dehydration, and anytime I pee I contract. I thought the period like cramps were normal, but apparently they were contractions. I am not a doctor, but make sure you keep track of your cramping and let your doc know!
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  • Due to you being preterm, I would call the doc and ask their thoughts just to be safe. Yes, cramping is normal. But, it can be contractions too. My motto is better safe than sorry, your LO's wellbeing is more important than you asking a medical professional a question about something that may or may not mean anything. None of us can give you better advice than a doctor who can give you a physical exam. 
  • Just to follow up, they continued for several days. When I had an appt the dr said they are likely contractions. He didn't do a physical exam, just a belly check. They came back last night and have continued all day. I'm wondering if there's a correlation because I was very busy yesterday on my feet all day and for most of today.

    Dr. Isn't concerned, I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. just making sure to keep staying hydrated of course. He said to call the office if I have any other signs of labor
  • I heard about this company called Bloom that has an automatic contraction tracker that you wear that shows you your contractions on an app. A friend used it and really liked seeing her contractions. Something to consider. 
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