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3rd Trimester

Mucus Plug is out!

How many of you ladies have lost your mucus plug? For you second time mom's  (like myself) if you lost it how long did it take to go into active labor? 

Re: Mucus Plug is out!

  • I forgot to mention, 37+4 & I'm 4 cm dialated
  • With my first, I lost it a week before going into labor. Didn't lose it with my second. 
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  • With my first, I lost it around 36 or 37 weeks. I was induced at 39 and 4.

    Losing it really means nothing.
  • ecwkecwk
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    Started losing it several days before labour 

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  • kyraaDkyraaD
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    i lost mine 6 days before i went into early labour. also, not sure how many weeks you are, but they can regenerate if you lose them too early. like a PP mentioned, it really doesn't mean a whole lot.
  • SGC29SGC29
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    All 3 times when I lost mine labor began within 48 hrs. 

  • Yea, losing it means nothing really. Some never lose it or don't notice if they lost it. Lost mine 2 weeks ago...still waiting and I'm 40 + 1.

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  • yogahhyogahh
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    Lost mine on a Thursday. Water broke Monday. Baby born Tuesday. But it really doesn't mean anything, so don't get too excited by make sure your bags are packed! 

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  • I lost a decent chunk of mine, if not all of it at 36+4 after my first cervix check.  I'm 39+4 today, still very much pregnant and am losing chunks again because it regenerated.  It really means nothing as far as when you'll go into labor.  

  • clairemwalkerclairemwalker
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    I lost mine in chunks a week or so before i went into labour- so about 36 weeks
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