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24wks n funneling - what to expect

I went to my bi-wkly check up today to find my cervix has shortened further and I'm showing signs of funneling. I'm 2cm and I had a preventative cerclage put in at wk 14 for 2 previous loses from what we're guessing is an IC. I am on progesterone supplements that I take daily and have been on modified bed rest since 17Wks. after today's visit the doctor sent me to L&D to get a steroid shot to help the lung development. i feel like there is nothing left and I'm just beaten. Does anyone know if there is much else that can be done besides sit and wait? 

Re: 24wks n funneling - what to expect

  • Sounds like you might need to be prepared for stricter bed rest. This was a waiting game for me when I had DS. I just did everything I could to follow the doctor's orders and keep DS in as long as possible. (We made it to 36 weeks.)
  • I showed signs of funneling last week {23 weeks} and was put on progesterone suppositories and placed on bed rest as well.

    Unfortunately all we can do is sit and wait. My doctor said at a minimum I need to bake the baby for 10 more weeks. Eek!

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