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Vivid dreaming

Hi, ladies!

So DD is almost 4 months old now and for the last few *weeks* I have been having vivid dreams every. single. night. I remember my dreams every night. They aren't bad dreams, just vivid. It's really worrying me as I tend to worry about a lot of things. Also, my hair is doing its usual postpartum fallout so I'm wondering if the dreaming has anything to do with hormones...? I do usually have crazy dreams during pregnancy, but only for a short period. I'm assuming pregnancy dreams are hormone-related too. I'm curious if anyone else is having a similar experience. 

Thanks, all!

Re: Vivid dreaming

  • Does it help that I keep having vivid dreams about huge chunks of my hair falling out?  :)  I am losing a ton of hair right now, I think I'm having anxiety that I will end up with bald spots.  
  • In my sleep I will grab onto my SO really tight with my hands, dig into him and it appears like I'm trying to catch him from falling. He smacks me a few times and wakes me up out of it. I talk too and tell him "I thought you were falling." Those nights I don't even recall, he just tells me about them. I do remember one though: One night I was on the couch and he was sitting at the other end, he went to get up and I sat straight up out of my sleep and grabbed him and told him I thought he was Falling again. Luckily it's stopped, because he was getting pretty pissed about me waking him up at 3 am digging my nails into him. 

    And my post partum hair is in full swing now too! My hair is falling out like crazy all over the bathtub and bathroom floor. It's a mess! 
  • My hair is falling out like crazy. That's what half of our garbage can is full of in the bathroom

    as far as dreams, I've had a recurring one since she came home from the hospital. I have this crazy vivid dream that she's crying and she's in the bed because I brought her to bed and fell back asleep after feeding her. I always wake up and search for her under the blankets/pillows. It takes me about a minute to make myself realize she's not there because she's asleep in her crib. Freaky

    i had one the other day that CPS was taking my baby away for 24 hours because I had told the daycare not to do anything if they ran out of breastmilk. Just let her be hungry. I was SCREAMING at the top of my lungs and it scared the shit out of me
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    My hair is flying out like crazy! I figured that hair loss happened straight after birth, not 16 weeks later! 
  • Thanks ladies! DD is #5 for me so the hair loss doesn't freak me out as much as it used to. It will stop at some point. After every baby except for this one I seriously would think I was going to be bald, but it always stops.

    Your replies make me feel more reassured that these dreams are hormone related so that makes me feel a little better. I dream some crazy stuff when I'm pregnant and I'm positive that's hormonal so why not do it PP too?? *sigh* 
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    I do occasionally have vivid dreams. I had them most right after delivery. But now I just have sort of what PP said. As I'm waking up, it's like I think that I drifted off while breastfeeding or burping her and I start searching for her in the bed or on me/under me (semi-frantic). Then I will look over and she's fast asleep in her RnP. I don't think I've ever unintentionally dozed off with her (I did on purpose a few times when she was super new), but I clearly have anxiety about doing so. I'm sure once we move her upstairs it will only get worse and I'll be waking up and spastically checking the monitor. Ugh.

    ETA: at first my hair was shedding like normal again PP but now I'm not sure how I have hair left on my head. I have to just pick a time to stop running my fingers through it when I detangle in the shower because it will just keep coming out nonstop. Luckily my hair is super curly so even though it's already thin, it always appears thick and volumous. And obvi I'm not actually going bald like it feels lol.
  • I've been having the craziest dreams the last few nights. Some have been super exciting. Others are violent and scary. I'm so worried I'm in such a deep sleep that I'm not going to hear little one. I am trying to cut out any late night snacks and caffeine after a certain time to see if that helps. 

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