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I was wondering if anyone else is battling eczema? It starting showing up on my little guy about a month ago. I've been to the Dr twice because it's gotten worse and they have suggested some different creams to put on him and  changing to skin sensitive laundry detergent and soaps. This time she also suggested that I try to cut out dairy since I'm EBF. I'm going to try it but I guess my question is would dairy start to affect him now if I have been eating dairy since day 1? If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • My guy had a mild bout that seems to have cleared up. I had a warm shower with him daily (no soap), absolutely slathered him in glaxal base cream, and also started giving him a probiotic (biogaia.) They say that eczema is gut health related so it can't hurt to try and battle it from the inside. I didn't cut out dairy because, like you, it hadn't previously been a problem. Plus, giving up cheese is a last resort for me. Hahaha.
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  • My daughter (5yrs old now) has eczema, mostly just in her elbow creases if she sweats, gets dry, weather changes etc. We changed to scent free detergent, not sure if that helped or not. But what really does help to clear it up is Renew lotion from Melaleuca. (Don't worry I'm not a rep trying to push the products, lol) I think you can find it at retail prices through their website or even on Amazon I think. When she flares up we put that lotion on and it usually clears it up within 24-48 hours (to where there is no sign of it on her skin anymore). I think she is starting to outgrow it as it happens less often now. Hopefully your little one outgrows it too. :)
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    I actually got ezcema for the first time when I was pregnant with my second baby at 8 months along. I only got it on my fingers. I used a prescribed cream I got from my dr and I found out my triggers. I did not change anything besides trying to keep my hands dry when I would break out. My second child got eczema once on her cheeks when she was around 9 months old (she's 5 now) and never got it again after I applied cream to it. My fourth that I just had (4 months) actually also got ezcema on his cheeks a few weeks ago. I applied the cream I use and after that it cleared and has not shown up again. Because the cream I was prescribed can cause color pigmentation I found another cream that works the exact same that I used for my kids, cortisone for eczema. I got it at Walmart. For me I did not change my diet. But I am careful with lotions, body washes etc. Because I have it on my fingers, usually fragrances start it up. I use Aveeno products and they don't break out my skin. I've been using Aveeno products for 6 years and haven't had a break out on my fingers. I also only buy wipes that are fragrance free because that was one of the causes. I personally don't think its dairy for you. You honestly just have to wing it. It could be linked to many things. I also EBF. 
  • Yes. My daughter has had it for about a month and we used the aveeno with 1% hydrocortisone twice a day and slathered with aveeno for eczema all day long. It worked on her arms and legs but now I need to focus on her back where it's still really bad.
  • Thank you for the suggestions. Yeah I don't really think it's dairy either. He hasn't had any other symptoms of any kind of dairy allergy and neither my husband or I have any kind of food allergies. I might try the aveeno. Hopefully that helps. He doesn't act like it's bugging him but is poor body is so red I hate to see him like this :/
  • Both mine have it. I use coconut oil on my 2.5yo son now. I also use mustela stelatopia on my daughter. I decided to make sure I had it to use from the time she was born since it worked on my son! Also, I had to give up dairy since I EBF and she would scream and projectile puke. Her baby acne/eczema cleared up as soon as I gave up dairy.
  • My 3 year old flares up in the summer time. The prescription cream doesn't help her, she says it burns. But we've found Cocunut Oil to clear it up quickly. I put it on in the morning and before bed. Also after a bath or swimming. They say Extra Virgin Organic works best but I've uses non organic and organic and they both work. Also we only use All Free and Clear detergent and Aveeno products. I've found some clothing materials rritate her as well
  • My baby has eczema on her cheeks, elbow creases, and behind her knees. I tried using coconut oil, switching to all Aveeno baby eczema products, fragrance free detergents, and Vaseline. Ultimately, Aveeno 1% hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphor on top three times a day cleared it up immediately (within a day). I still use all Aveeno products and fragrance free detergent but the hydrocortisone and Aquaphor were the main thing to clear it up- especially her cheeks were very bad. 
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    I don't have advice, but I'm just wondering, when did your baby get their first "bath"? I'm wondering if the delayed bath helps with this or not. 

  • 4N6s said:
    I don't have advice, but I'm just wondering, when did your baby get their first "bath"? I'm wondering if the delayed bath helps with this or not. 

    My LO got her first bath the day she was born (about 9 hours later) and now gets one every third day. She hasn't had any signs of eczema, just a bit of baby acne and a tiny bit of cradle cap near her hairline
  • @4N6s he got his first bath the day he was born, maybe a couple hours later
  • @4N6s my LO just started getting a little patch behind one knee, and her cheeks seem a little rough, too. DD1 didn't have it as a young infant, but had a couple bad flares when she was maybe a year and a half? Both girls didn't get a bath for at least 5 days after birth. I bathe/bathed them very infrequently. 



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  • My DD's eczema flared up with avengence this week. Our pediatrician called in a stronger steroid cream but I'm a little hesitant to use. Her whole body is rough and her back is crazy splotchy so we will see how it works.
  • My LO had a bad bout with eczema when she was very little. I happened to visit my high profile dermatologist and took her along. He said not to use hydrocortisone and instead to get Cera Ve lotion. I bought some at Walgreens along with the body wash and it cleared right up! Found out later my cousin uses it for her daughter too. My LO loves her nightly baby massage now.

    PSA they have coupons you can print on their website.
  • My little guy has had it more this summer, as it got warmer.  Aquaphor seems to work for us; just put it on a few times a day, when changing the diaper.  We only bathe him twice during the week and then lather it on him after that too.  Using scent free laundry detergent is important also.  good luck!
  • The Eczema Tracker app really helped me to keep a track for my son’s problems. I needed to learn more once I walked away from the doctor's office so I started looking for apps and came across it-
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