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Moms with ITP

I was just diagnosed with ITP on Friday and have started steroid treatment.  My platelets had been low, but far from crazy.  Last week I caught a cold, and developed nosebleeds, bruising & petechia over 48h.  My hematologist got me in immediately and my blood work showed my platelets had dropped from 88 to 12 with the week.  They've never been even close to that low (in my previous pregnancy they fell to 64 so I had a csection under GA, we were prepared for this kind of scenario again).
We're pretty nervous right now.  Any advice/info would be much appreciated.
baby seems fine.
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Re: Moms with ITP

  • MS2016MS2016 member
    Hi there, ITP has returned for me in second pregnancy. Living in a different state (in Australia) so under different care and seems like I have more options this time around. Definitely feel like I've got more knowledge this time around. Looking at taking some interventions in the last 8 weeks to see if we can get the platelets up to avoid the GA. Current level is 104. Hope you're still doing ok. 
  • SarafussSarafuss member
    edited June 2016
    My platelets were low during my second pregnancy.  At 38 weeks they were down to 80 so they put me on a week of prednisone (can't remember the dose) and that brought them up above 100 so I was allowed to have the epidural during my induction at 39 weeks.  
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