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Being induced at 38w

 being induced sometime over the next few days since ive made it to 38w with fraternaltwins. Any moms have positive vaginal deliveries after being induced with twins? I did it with my first but that was just 1 baby. Thanks in advance for any responses!! 

Re: Being induced at 38w

  • Long story short i was in the hospital for a month. Went into labor 2 days before i was to be induced. Was in labor 12 hours before i was given pitocin. Had my identical twins 9-10 hours after i was given the pitocin & had them 5 minutes apart. I also had to get the epidural just in case of an emergency c-section. It was a pretty relaxed labor due to the epidural but by the time the boys were born (21hours of labor) i was exhausted but they were fine & so was i!. I hope everything goes faster for you though!be positive & know you can do it! Good luck!
  • Hello!  I wonder if you've already been induced?!  My twins are a month old so I went through this recently.  I had a successful vaginal delivery when I was induced with my fraternal twins at 38 weeks + 2 days.

    I also was induced with my first baby and there were some differences (my 2nd baby came on her own).  With my first I was allowed to walk around for 45 minutes and then be monitored for 45 minutes.  Not with twins!  At least not with my Dr or hospital.  They made me stay in bed all day which was super annoying, but oh well.  Pitocin was started at little before 10am and my boys were born at 10pm and 10:27pm.  I delivered in the OR and got an epidural half way through the day (first epidural for me).  The tricky thing about my delivery was that baby B was breech and so our plan all along was to deliver baby A (head down) and then try to turn B.  I definitely recommend having an epidural if you're having a baby turned.  Lots of pushing.  They got it done but his heart rate dropped.  They started prepping me for a C-section but then his heart rate went back up so they let me push one more time and success!  If 'B' had been head down I think everything would have gone very smoothly.  I didn't have any tears or anything.  I was going for walks in the neighborhood just days later.  GL!  Give us an update!  :)  We need more chatter on this board. 

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  • I'm sure you've already been induced but just wanted to share my success story! Successfully induced at 37w1d with my di/di girls in December. It took a while, I laboured for about 20 hours but delivered both vaginally with vacuum assistance - thirty minutes apart. I tore, I bled a bit more than usual, developed a fever, and had the shakes really bad immediately after delivering but all went away soon after. Everything hesled up well and my girls are healthy and happy, with no NICU time. 
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