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I have read a lot about cloth diapers and am sure this is the way we want to go, but the options are overwhelming.  

So far I have 3 'Flip 1 size diapers', 2 'FuzziBunz adjustable diapers' that came with liners, and 3 Flip organic cotton daytime inserts.  

I know I need a TON more, but I am hesitant to buy too many of any one kind until I know what works and what I like.  We got a disposable diaper 'cake', so I've got quite a few disposables I figure I can use while I am ordering more cloths once the baby gets here, but I still think I should have more clothes to start.  What do you recommend?  Also, will the Flips and FuzziBunz work on a newborn?  I'm almost 38 weeks and it's looking like the baby is going to be 8-10 lbs (I know this isn't always accurate, but she's not small).  What other brands should I try and how many diapers should I have to begin with?  Are the inserts mix and match between brands? Do I need special overnight ones?

Thank you for your help!  There is just so much to learn!  :)

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  • One more thing - do I need a special diaper pail or just a large wet bag to hang on the door? Will the bag be enough to stop odor? 
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  • Start with the FAQ post.  Lots of good information in there....and cloth 101 on YouTube.

    I used prefolds and covers for the nb stage with Pip.  (Very popular route).

    Look for the Facebook group Cloth Diaper Tech Support and/or Google the group  am a fan of to find cloth diapering groups that are more active.

    As a general rule though, one size diapers don't fit newborns due to how skinny the legs are.  Also remember that microfiber cannot go directly against the skin.  So the Fuzzibunz inserts for the pockets need to be stuffed into the pockets or wrapped in a different fabric while fleece topped microfiber inserts (usually AI2s) can go against the skin with the fleece side touching the skin.  Other than that, as long as the inserts fit, they are fairly interchangeable.

    Either an open wet bag or an open diaper pail will work.  Cloth diapers need air flow for odor reduction.  The majority of the odors with cd are from moisture.  Air flow reduces moisture which reduces odor.  Many people use plastic hampers with the vented sides for diapers.

    Overnight diapers are not needed until baby stops pooping during the night and some wait until baby starts sleeping longer stretches at night.

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    I'm a fan of The Cloth Diaper Tech Support group on Facebook
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  • Fuzzibunz one size fit my bigger baby once the cord fell off, but were still bulky. Flips were way too big, didn't fit til over 2 months old. My stash had many brands, only fuzzibunz fit at 2 weeks, rumparooz at 4 weeks, the rest at 8-12 weeks. My kids were 7-11 and 7-8, but even big babies have skinny legs to start. I used newborn diapers both times, and got a lot of use from them, and still got a lot of my money back after they went through 3 kids (mine and lent to a friend). I liked prefolds or fitteds with rumparooz newborn covers, and a few AIOs for going out and for family to use (grovia nb, lil joeys, blueberry simplex nb). 
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  • 24-36 diapers would be needed if you are washing every other day as newborns go through a lot! I mainly used prefolds with Rumparooz, Thirsties and Blueberry mini coveralls covers but also bought a mix of other brands (AppleCheeks, AMP, BumGenius, Charlie Banana, Blueberry) and a mix of styles (pockets, AI1s) to sample as well. I was lucky that most of the brands/styles I bought fit my DS well and the ones that didn't are getting de-stashed. It worked for me to just get a few different ones to try in case one didn't work as well. 
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