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Steroids safe?

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From working in my yard, it looks as if I've contracted poison ivy for the second time this year. That's just the icing on top of the flipping cake.... My pcp prescribed prednisone. She said it's perfectly safe, but all of the warnings in the leaflet make me worry. Does anyone have insight on this? I'm afraid to take it. I feel like I'm going to be afraid of everything at this point. 
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Re: Steroids safe?

  • Trigger Warning  *pregnancy  and baby mentioned briefly*

    I've taken steroids when I pregnant and didn't know it. FWIW, that pregnancy worked out. Plus, they gave me steroids in the hospital when I had pre term labor to develop my LO's  lungs. 

    Hope this eases your mind a bit. 
  • Prednisone/Steroids are often a part of an IVF protocol, so I'm going to guess it is pretty safe. I would say it's up to your comfort level and where you are at in your cycle. I hear you on being cautious of everything though, it can be paralyzing. 
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  • @BornReady I didn't know that? I'm curious, why? 
  • It's not part of my protocol, but I have read of it being pretty common. I believe the reasoning is so the body doesn't reject the "foreign" embryo and help with implantation. I'm not positive though. I have also read about it being used with immune issues and repeat loss.
  • I am on a small dose of steroid (dexamethasone) and my understanding is that it is to help impact my reproductive immune system and inflammation, related to RPL.

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