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SI joint

my SI joint is in so much pain
 been going to a chiropractor massage therapy.  anyone else experiencing this type of pain?

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  • So sorry you're suffering! No recommendations, but I'm definitely starting to get the same thing. Hope to see some good suggestions here. 
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    I don't know if this will specifically help SI joint pain but I found alternating cat/cow (on all fours arching and rounding your back) helped with a lot of lower back pain. Also child's pose...from all fours sit back towards your feet, stretching through your back and arms.

    You may also want to google pregnancy support belt as you get farther along. Pain sucks. I hope you find a good way to manage it!
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  • I've had bad SI joint paint since 8 weeks (I have a large fibroid pulling on my uterus as well). I've been in PT 3x a week and I cannot tell you how helpful it's been. I normally swear by the chiropractor but felt slightly concerned about how aggressive it can feel so I went with PT. They do small adjustments before you begin the exercises and I found it really helpful.
    Also,not a replacement but a good temporary measure is a heating pad. 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off really soothes the muscles.
    Good luck, it's not easy but if you put the work in, it is manageable.
  • Lurking from Dec:

    I have chronic SI issues unrelated to pregnancy that are mostly due to my back and pelvic muscles over contracting and pulling the joint out of place.  I bought this DVD on Amazon: Secret Back Pain Cure by Cheryl Alker.  It's really just back stretches but it really seems to help.  It is really low budget and she is kind of annoying but I guess I can't argue with success.

    However, my problem might not be the same as yours since SI problems in pregnancy can be related to loosening of the joints rather than related to the muscles.  You can get SI support belts on Amazon as well to help stabilize the joint.
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    Ive also found bending your leg up under while on your belly and lowering as low as you can until you feel a stretch has helped.  Not sure what the pose is called.  
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  • I am in week 16 and have been experiencing this pain too, for the first time ever! I went to the chiropractor on Saturday to get checked out. He said it was good that i cane in so early in the pregnancy, to work on managing my posture now before it's too late! 

    He said that it is your muscles loosening up to prepare your pelvic bone to expand and allow baby to pass through that is making the joint more difficult to manage. He advised me to do Planks every night(Google them) and when I have to stand for long periods, try and rest one leg at a time on a step or something to take pressure off my back. More importantly, I need to focus on a new type of posture which straightens out my back better with pregnancy changes in m... Slightly bending my knees, and gently pushing my stomach towards my back, as though I were standing against a wall. It's certainly not easy, but has helped SO much so far! 

    I recommend going to a chiropractor or physiotherapist if you can to ensure your treatment is as tailored to you& your baby as possible. Best of luck with the pain management!!!!

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