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Pool time

How early can I introduce LO to the pool? Any recommendations on floaties?

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  • If you really want to bring LO into the pool, I would hold him. But it isn't recommended until they are 4-6 months old. 

    I wouldn't use a float until LO had complete neck control and more motor skills, maybe age 2. 

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  • I definitely don't recommend a pool until next summer. There's floating made for baby's that age, not newborns. And with how squirmy they are. I wouldn't go near a pool with out floated of some sort on LO
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    Our local baby swim class starts when they're 4 months, I plan to sign up. I'm so excited to get him in the water! I just wouldn't advise introducing LO without some sort of guidance, personally. 
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  • I used to teach a parent/tot swim class. We started at 6 mos, but there were a few a little younger than that. If you want to start earlier, you can get in the bath tub with LO (they won't know the difference). I wouldn't want any chemicals from the pool on baby's skin this early on. At 6 mos, it's all about having fun. Play with baby, swim him around on his belly and back. When DD1 was 6 mos, I would blow in her face and let her swim under water on her own. She loved the pool.
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  • NMortNMort
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    I just purchased this, but have yet to try it out. We have a pool pass and with baby being #4, I figured I needed my hands free while near the water. I hope it works as well as I want it to!  http://www.beachfrontbabywraps.com/product/one-size-wrap/
  • wildtotwildtot
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    Yes I want to get him into those classes too. 
  • I took Matilda 2 days ago for the first time and she loved it. She is 7 weeks old today. I just held her close to me over my shoulder or against my chest and after 15 minutes she'd had enough. Just rinsed off the chlorine afterwards and it's had no adverse effects on her skin
  • We live in AZ. It's practically impossible to not go in the pool over the summer. It's pushing 110 today and we're going to a pool party. I plan on letting LO try out the water. DD has been going in the pool since she was teeny and it never bothered her. She's 3 now and looooooves swimming.
  • I'm taking LO to the beach tomorrow but have no plans to get in the water yet. The water is still freezing!
  • I wonder what we'll do on vacation in July. We did not have the baby "swim" last week, but I dipped his feet in the cold beach water. (He didn't appreciate that.) 

    when the babies are two+, I highly recommend the puddle jumper floaties. 
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