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I'm NOT pregnant agin!! But, I (actually all of us) am upon the anniversary of when I got pregnant! I only bring this up because the first day of my last period was the same as the first day of my last period before I got pregnant! That can't be normal right??? That would mean if I got pregnant this cycle, WHICH IS NOT MY PLAN!, I would have the same due date a year apart! Yikes how bizarre!! I'm getting mirena put back in on Thursday. What is everyone else doing? Plannin more babies? Birth control? Natural family planning? Ik there has probably been a post about plans, but let's just update!! Any Feb17-ers out there?!?

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  • I can't bring myself to go back on hormones so we are just using condoms. I was nervous DH would try and skip using them here and there (which is how we got pregnant my first month off hormones last year ;) ). But he knows how important it is that I give myself at least a year to heal from my c section. I'm in no rush to be miserably pregnant again, but I'm sure I'll want another once DD is a walking, talking toddler. I'm guessing we will talk about trying again once she's 1 year old. I haven't gotten my period yet either. I actually forgot about periods so I'm sure it will catch me totally off guard. I also have pretty bad/heavy periods off of hormones so not looking forward to that. Ugh. Creating life is a messy business! But so amazing.
  • You scared me, OP! I totally thought I'd open this thread to a pregnancy announcement.  :)

    I definitely want another baby, but I'm not recovered yet from this one (diastasis recti is hanging around), so I'd at least like to be recovered first. We also have not really gotten the sex thing down again yet - an important component...

    We are just using condoms. We shall see once my period returns how my cycle maps out and probably do what we did before:  avoid sex during fertile times. It's not 100% reliable (obviously), but it only failed 1x in 5 years, so... 

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    Wow, I was totally thinking this was a pregnancy announcement!  I was thinking the same thing last week and can't believe it's already been a year. DH and I both agree DS is our last (we have a 2.5 yo DD also) but there's already a teeny tiny part of me that wants another but with even more spacing between them then the first time. I just love the newborn phase/miracle of birth and am sad thats all over with now :(. Maybe I just need to work somewhere I can get newborn snuggles everyday haha. I've got my hands full with the 2.5 yo (toddler tantrums, meltdowns, etc) and sometimes wonder what I was thinking setting myself up for this again down the road (FFWC?). I love DS and he brings so much joy to my life and I just hope he is a little easier then DD when he's a toddler. 

    ETA: I started on the mini pill 6 weeks pp but it made me break out like crazy so I stopped taking it after less then a week. Currently I'm not taking anything and will use condoms. (Notice I said "will", I'm totally not interested and not there yet at 14 weeks pp (poor DH)) I'm working on feeling better about myself first and hoping to get back into the swing of things with DH soon. 
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    We are done. After this delivery I had a tubal done. When we started talking about having kids we had decided that we wanted 4, and now with 4 boys 6 years and under we are very happy with where we are at. 

    Of course, with having all boys we constantly get questioned if we are going to try for a girl, but there is no way I could imagine having another (4 pregnancies takes a toll on the body). 

    I have definitely been a little sad about it only because time goes way too fast and I will miss the baby stage, but at the same time I'm  looking forward to being able to do more with the kids.

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  • I've been thinking about this, too. We conceived the 25th or 26th and we're not actively doing anything to prevent another pregnancy even though I'm on the fence about having another.

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  • I started the mini pill at 6 weeks because I really don't want to get pregnant again right now. Need to recoupe after C-section. Thinking fall 2017 will put LO at a good age for little brother/sister. Like @lilqt3929 I am breaking out like crazy from mini pill, so need a better option while breastfeeding. 
  • I was thinking about this earlier, this time last year I was pregnant and didn't even know it yet! We are using BC pills for protection right now, although I was just bleeding for 2.5 weeks so we haven't don't anything anyway! Initially my SO said he was one and done. Now that our son has grown, my SO is texting me saying lets have another baby. He completely caught me off guard, I told him we need to wait a little bit, preferably 4 years if I had my way! 
  • VkrosaVkrosa member
    I got my tubes tied and well our sex life doesn't exist anymore not since we conceived. So we are good. Three kids is good for me. 
  • We have decided to talk about it early 2017. Before Ds turns one.We both want one more but want to have some financial things accomplished first. So here's to hoping 2016 can fulfill some of our dreams! The next would make three! It makes me a little nervous though cause DS has been so much easier than DD. I know it's probably not likely to happen again. 
  • We're just using the pullout method during fertile times. It has worked great the last 7 years. We have 3 boys and I think we're done. My husband would have been done at 2 but I pushed for the 3rd. So I'm pretty sure he'd kill me if I asked for a 4th. Three is hard on the ol chassy though so I'm sure we're done. Makes me sad though. I hope to foster some day. Anyway, I'm currently ebf and enjoying a mini period every 2 weeks since about 7 weeks pp so I'm just hoping to regulate before getting mirena put in at some point. 
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  • It would have been sometime this week that I got pregnant although I didn't find out until next month. But I got my bc inserted at 7 weeks pp. we are one and done I've always wanted a boy and I lucked up with mine don't want to take the chance. 
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    Carmine is my fourth baby so we are done having kids. At the moment we're just using condoms. My husband offered to get a vasectomy so that's the plan. But I would have more if my husband agreed. I'm still fairly young but my 4 complete the family. 
  • I would have gotten pregnant either the last week of April of first week of May last year - I didn't find out until 11 weeks along though so this time last year I was pregnant but completely unaware! Hubby and I think we are one and done but we don't want to completely discount the idea of having another, although if we do we want to wait another few years at least. 

    Right now abstinence seems to be working fine lol I have not been in the mood! I'm on a new kind of BCP since I got pregnant last year on the pills I was taking and DH and I also plan on using condoms so I'm hoping that'll be effective when the time comes to actually be intimate again.
  • I was on the mini pill but started gaining weight so DH said he'd used condoms. We're pretty sure we're 2 and done. I've always wanted 3 kids but the blood loss and transfusion this time makes me nervous about another. Plus we already have a boy and girl. DH said he'll get "snipped" but I'm just waiting till I feel 100% done.  Like others have said watching DS grow makes me sad that this is my last baby.
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    We are planning to be one and done. My body doesn't do pregnancy well and DS is such an easy baby, there's no way we'd luck out twice. Plus we've always talked about only having one child. I'm currently on the mini pill and breastfeeding, but I need to figure out what sort of longer-term BC I want. 

    ETA: Oh, and I haven't gotten my period back yet. Made me nervous enough that I took a pregnancy test! Negative, of course. I'm just lucky I guess. :smile: 

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  • I just got the mirena a few weeks ago.  I was going to go on the mini pill, but my OB scared me saying it's extremely possible to ovulate if you miss it by a couple hours.  And I'm totally not ready for that lol.  We will want another, but not now! 
  • I'm back on the pill and when we want to try again I will just stop the pill like before. 
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  • I'm 14 weeks PP and still no period. We  are using the pull out method, I don't want any hormones. We hope to conceive with our next and last baby this time next year. 4 kids will be plenty. Right now I simply want to enjoy my baby. 
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    Yep I can't believe next week will mark a year since I found out I was pregnant. I honestly was so shocked because I just expected yet another 'not pregnant' test.. Was so excited I couldn't hold the news and just texted it to DH lol.. Right now I'm on the mini pill but since I have switched to EFF I will be switching to the regular pill next month.
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