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Has anybody been treated for Group B strep already?

I went to the doctor last week for a yeast infection  (yuck!) and I guess they went ahead and tested for the group b strep and I received a call on Monday that I was positive for it, so they called in an antibiotic (Bactrim) for it. Well I went to pick it up yesterday and was reading the warnings and side effects pamphlet in the bag and it said plain as day: Do Not Take If you Become Pregnant. What the crap? Has anybody had experience taking Bactrim while pregnant? 

Re: Has anybody been treated for Group B strep already?

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    Haven't taken the bactrim, seems weird they tested you for it. I tested positive last pregnancy and after reading about it, it sounds like strep b can come and go without you knowing it, which why they usually wait to test you, since some women would negative early in pregnancy, and then turn positive and vice versa. Did the pharmacist have any thoughts on this?
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    I would call your doctor back and ask. I've never heard of being treated for group B strep, I thought it was just something you had or you didn't. And that they test everyone (during 3rd tri, I thought) so they can give antibiotics at delivery.
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  • Here's the article I found helpful when I tested positive last time: https://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-complications/group-b-strep-infection/

    So @maddenmama15 it does seem weird the treatment option they are giving you, but if it's a class b, you are probably okay.
  • I was only tested at the typical time in 3rd tri last time and had to have the iv antibiotics while at the hospital.  Never heard of it being treated ahead of time.  I understood that the real risk is passing it to the newborn during delivery.

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  • Huh. I'd call just to be sure. 
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  • I tested positive on my initial bloodwork/urine sample at 8 weeks and was also put on an antibiotic and told I would be given one when I go into labor again. My doctor made it sound like it is completely common so I haven't given it much thought. This thread is interesting. I wonder if being diagnosed this early in pregnancy means they won't bother testing in third tri since they are already planning for the antibiotic during labor. 
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    With my last pregnancy I tested positive early in pregnancy and put in an antibiotic.  I forget the details, but I remember that not taking care of it can cause issues (preterm labor maybe?  But don't quote me on that, it was 2 years ago).  If you aren't comfortable, recheck with your doc, but I wouldn't just not take it.  
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  • I have never heard of GBS being treated earlier in pregnancy than time of delivery, but that obviously doesn't mean it's not done.  I tested positive in my third tri with my son and was given antibiotics in the hospital all throughout labor and delivery.  I don't know if it was Bactrim or something else (for some reason I'm thinking it was good old-fashioned penicillin?).  I never took any antibiotics during pregnancy.

    In terms of the safety of the medicine you've been prescribed, definitely don't be afraid to talk to your doctor or pharmacist and ask about the warning.  I'd like to think you wouldn't be prescribed something that is unsafe for the baby but it can't possibly hurt to check rather than assume that.  

    Slightly off-topic from your question but it's funny which warnings get printed on which medicines.  I was prescribed progesterone suppositories for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and right on the bottle it says "If pregnant or becoming so discuss use of product with your doctor."  I know there are other uses for progesterone but I think early pregnancy is a pretty common one so it's just kind of funny to me that they would include this on the bottle.  
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  • Thanks for all the input! I did call the pharmacist and he acted like an idiot. You don't tell a pregnant mama that you "think" it will be ok for her to take it.  :| I thought they were supposed to know this stuff lol. I will call my doctor. They reason I haven't yet is bc it seems like I'm calling up there everyday about something and I know they have to be getting tired of me haha  :D Thanks again ladies!
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