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Travel for work- do I tell my boss I don't want to?

I've been back at work for a few weeks now. My manager is talking about me traveling for work in July. There are some travel/meetings that are tied to my developmental objectives which are tied to my performance reviews / bonus. Now that  back from maternity leave we're going to discuss and finalize my objectives. I would like to tell her that it's too soon for me to travel overnight but I'm willing to do local meetings. Have any of you experienced this?  I need a good way of telling her I'm not ready!  We don't have family in the area to help either so it will all be on my husband. We're still trying to get our everyday routine down w daycare and work - not ready to add work travel in the mix! 
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Re: Travel for work- do I tell my boss I don't want to?

  • This is tricky.  On the one hand, if travel is an important and known part of your job, it's reasonable for your company to assume you will do it.  On the other hand, I totally understand not being ready to leave baby yet!  I am in a similar position, and agreed with my boss that I will not have to travel until August.  Is it possible you can work out resuming travel a bit later? If she's reasonable she should understand, at least for the first few months back.  Good luck!
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  • I'm 100% prepared to tell my job I'm not traveling. The job I accepted with the company had no travel requirements but a couple years in they reorganized and decided I would be working on things that required me to fly all over the US at least a few times a year. I wasn't happy about it even then bc I'm a horrible flyer but I just took anxiety meds and complied with the travel. Now that I'm breastfeeding I'm not gonna even think about doing that. Luckily our company is already in another transitioning period and I plan to make it clear that I'm not hopping on a plane for anything anytime soon. Sorry, I don't make enough to be doing all that and the new requirements were dropped on me without a change in compensation or even really a regard for my ability to do so. I'm so over my company. I can only hope my working from home opportunity shapes up so I don't have to go back at all.
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  • I think honesty would be best and maybe a compromise will present itself. Not sure if it would work in your case but maybe suggest virtual or phone conferences? I completely understand your hesitation (will probably have a similar convo when I return) and would add that at the end of the day respect and open communication tend to make tricky situations manageable for everyone. Good luck!! 
  • Honesty will feel the best - otherwise you'll just be resentful and stressed out. If you suggest a timeframe when you will feel comfortable traveling again, it might go down better. I think I'd say something about how pushing the dates back will help me stay focused and balanced, whereas pushing yourself too far too fast won't be good for anyone. But that I'm confident I'll work up to it by xyz timeframe.

    Sucks that it's connected to your performance review. Hopefully since you're finalizing objectives now, you can keep their expectations realistic and it won't affect your review.
  • Make sure you bring breast feeding into the picture as well and the difficulties about that. I agree though thay you should be very honest. So sorry you're dealing with such a stressful situation and it being connected to your performance.
  • Are you able to conference in via phone or skype for those meetings?

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