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Baby play!

Just curious, what kind of play activities do you do with LO? I would like some ideas to add in to our play routine. 

Most of our play time consists of her playing on her activity mat and making silly faces/noises while she sits on my lap facing me. She HATES tummy time, but we still try to do it for a few minutes a day. She's not too interested in books just yet, but I try that most days too. 

Today I filled up a shallow pan with water to let her splash her feet and hands in but she wasn't interested. Haha

Re: Baby play!

  • Our LO also just lays on her mat, and I push at the toys above her head. She will kick her feet into the piano at th e bottom but I don't think she has any idea what she's doing. I also keep her in her popisan, however that is spelled (or bounces), and play with toys in her face. We also have her lay on the ground and I play with her legs and arms. I wish she would start grabbing things herself now. I'd love some play ideas as well!
  • Ella loves watching herself in the mirror; making faces and watching her legs and arms go. She also enjoys toys the make sounds; she follows them with her eyes as the sounds go (rattles and dqueaky toys are the simplest examples)
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  • My lo likes laying on her back then being pulled up to a sitting position by her arms.

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    Activity mat for my daughter as well. She will be 3 months on the 27th. She finally started batting at the hanging toys on purpose! Books too, she stays interested for a minute lol. She wasn't the biggest tummy time fan at first, she'll do it for a few before getting angry. I tried putting her on her tummy on the boppy yesterday, she loved it- if you have a boppy I suggest trying that. 

    I read somewhere that it will be awhile still until they are interested in toys, cloth books will e a good one too once they can hold stuff! 
  • We smile and babble at each other a lot. I read to him but he isn't into the books - just my voice. He likes to bat at toys dangled in front of him now. He's really into staring at his fists and bringing his left fist to his mouth again and again. He'll look at/follow toys that make noises (like rattles) with his eyes. I have a couple of rattles you tie to the baby's wrist, and sometimes he's into that. He definitely enjoys being pushed around in the stroller with the cover zipped up...he now squirms around so his legs rest up on the cover and plays happily with his feet while he's in there. This attracts lots of attention in public. :)

    That's really about it. Most of these activities are basically him hanging out on his back on a blanket or in his stroller.

    He is NOT a fan of tummy time.
  • My LO loves tummy time so that's how we spend our days. I'll put some toys out for him to try and reach. I'll throw him in th bouncer and let him swat at the toys for a bit. I received a summer infant seat for the shower and I've started sitting him in it. He loves to chew on the toys I've been told he's teething :/ 
  • We just tried Charlotte in her exersaucer and she loves it! I don't keep her in it too long yet but she loves grabbing at the toys and even spins herself around. She likes her mobile and the toys hanging over her head on her playmat, lately she's been grabbing for them more often. She is also fascinated with her toes all of a sudden lol Our main playtime activity is just babbling to each other or me singing to her, reading her stories, nursery rhymes, etc. She's okay with tummy time but prefers to be on her back so she can interact with me

  • Malachi likes his activity mat, especially the kick and play piano one. He loves grabbing the toys and hitting them to make noise. He also loves his mirror and OBall which he holds on to himself. HATES tummy time, but he is getting better about it. He does best when I put him between my legs facing me. I do crunches while he does tummy time! He is really starting to like lovey security blankets now but we have to watch him with them because he loves putting them right in his face. Silly faces and noises are his favorite though, along with kisses
  • jarob747jarob747 member
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    My LO is starting to really love tummy time, he rolls himself over from back to front so he can look around then front to back. It's still by accident mostly, but he's getting the hang of it. He loves his activity mat, bouncer seat, babbling with everyone back and forth, dancing around, going for walks, laying outside, he REALLY loves being outside, skin to skin on my chest :) kisses, smiles, and sitting on the kitchen table in his bouncer while the rest of us eat dinner together, he seems to enjoy listening to me reading books with him sometimes, likes sitting up like a big boy, likes his bumbo but only for short periods, Oh and he absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt HATES his car seat and being in the car!!! Hates it
  • VkrosaVkrosa member
    She loves this turtle. It turns into a pillow. H got it from Guam for big sis 4 years ago but they didn't want it so I was about to donate it but figured I would try it out with Amelia and boom she loves it and I have two incase one gets ruined down the line   
  • LO loves being talked too, so we hold lap convos as well. I sing cheesy nursery songs to him while he is in his bouncer, I sign letters abc, numbers 123, me, you, dad and mom to him in a playful way, I tickle him and I read to him. We take nature walks with the stroller, he likes watching the dogs play outside. He is warming up to his tummy time mat. He really likes playing with DH especially at 4AM and his "little" big brother whenever he is over.

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