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Where to put baby when in-laws come to town?

Hi all,

My in-laws are coming to stay with us next weekend and I'm not sure where to put LO to sleep at night while they are here. Her room is right next to the guest room, so I don't want 1) Her waking up the in-laws when she cries before her 4 am feeding l, or 2) In-laws walking past me breastfeeding if they get up to use the rest room during the night. I could put her in the pack and play in our room, but don't want to undo how well she is doing in her room in her own crib. 

What would you do?

Re: Where to put baby when in-laws come to town?

  • Leave her in her room and close the dr when your bf. I'm sure they'll understand the baby waking in the 
  • Yea I would leave her. Babies cry and need to eat. I'm sure neither of those things are news to your in-laws. If they wanted a baby-free environment they would've booked a hotel.
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  • I would keep her in her room . Close the door or use a cover to cover up. It's babies house they should understand babies this young can and will wake up in the middle of the night 
  • 4N6s4N6s member
    Leave her in her room and lock the door when feeding. 
  • Yes, leave her in her room and close the door when you nurse. SIL has stayed with us a couple times when DD1 was waking up multiple times a night. They know they're coming to a house with a baby. If it's an issue for them, they can find alternate accommodations. 



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  • nbc2015nbc2015 member
    Ditto to PPs. Babies cry and they need to be fed. Lock the door. In-laws should be understanding to both of those things. In my experience, my in-laws are usually VERY hard to please, but even with night cryings and feedings, they understood. I think the in-laws will just be happy to be there and spend time with LO. If it really is an issue, I'd suggest they get a hotel.
  • ambdtbambdtb member
    agree. If they don't want to deal w a possibility of hearing the baby at night they should get a hotel. We have had several out of town visitors including our parents and they offered to stay in a hotel to not disrupt our routine. We have only 3 bedrooms and you can def hear baby at night. 
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