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Desperate for tips...LO eats every 1.5 hrs

My LO is 13 weeks, and EFF. He will only eat about 3-3.5 oz per feeding, but needs to eat every 1.5 hours. Occasionally he will eat 4-4.5 oz in a feeding, but that is rare. From what I've read, it seems like babies his age are eating more per feeding, and with more spaced out feedings during the day. LO is not in daycare yet, but will be in about a month. I'm worried about his feeding patterns. Any tips for introducing baby to more food? Or am I being naive here? I'm a FTM.

Re: Desperate for tips...LO eats every 1.5 hrs

  • My LO is EBF, also 13 weeks, and eats at most every 1.5 hours, sometimes every 30 min, and only from one side. If I try to feed him from both sides he will spit up quite a bit, or just refuse. 

    I have just accepted this as his normal, he eats 12-15 times in a 24 hour period, and has only woken once at night since he was a week old, so I just assume he works hard to get lots of food in during the day because he sleeps all night. His naps only last 20-30 min at most though.  He is also gaining well, and a happy baby, with the right amount of wet and dirty diapers, I think those are the most important things. 

  • My LO is EFF too and I totally get where you're coming from, she used to eat every 1.5 to 2hrs like clockwork and only 3oz at a time.  The way I got her to start drinking more at each feeding was to take it slow at feeding time.  I would make a 4oz bottle and she'd drink half and then we'd spend a couple minutes burping and taking a break and then she'd drink the rest.  After a few days of that she started to just drink the 4oz at once.  She sleeps through the night now and will usually drink 6oz right before bed, 8pm, and 5oz upon waking, usually 5am.  From there, she'll drink every 2.5 to 3hrs and usually 4ish oz.  We still use a slow flow nipple and she seems fine with it still.

    I thought she might revert when she started daycare 2weeks ago, but has transitioned really well.  Good luck!
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  • My LO is EFF and is only taking 4oz every three hours and he is 14 weeks. I try 4.5 and he spits it up, so I put him back to 4 and he's ok. I figure that he just has a small stomach and has to eat less at one time, but eat more often. I'm afraid he's too little at only 12 pounds, but I can't have him throwing up after every feeding! He seems to do very well with 4oz every 2.5-3 hours. We have a checkup in two weeks so I'll talk to pediatrician then. 
  • I second what Sarahbara60 said.  Anytime I've needed to up LO's amount I started out by giving about half then taking a break before the rest until they eventually just took the full amount without issue.  And for what it's worth, DD1 never took more than 5 oz at a time and that was probably around the 10 month mark.  Some kids just don't eat as much.

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  • nbc2015nbc2015 member
    I'm happy to report that I tried your suggestions today. Made a 4 oz bottle, gave half, took a break, and offered the rest. LO not only finished the bottle, but wanted more. He's now had TWO 5 oz bottles this afternoon, with about 3.5 hours in between. I hope this sticks! (Although now I feel bad... I hope he wasn't hungry this whole time!)
  • Sarahbara60Sarahbara60 member
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    Yay!  He probably just needed the nudge and now realizes that he can eat more food.  I hope it sticks for you guys!
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