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Anyone else waiting until 16 week quad scan before making pregnancy announcement?

Not sure how much longer I can hide my pregnancy, but I guess I'm being overly cautious.. 

We had fetal DNA test and everything look good. Having NT scan this Friday, but after reading about birth defect that can be detected in quad screening, it makes me want to wait.. I guess I'm just feeling nervous with all the things that could go wrong.

2012 Diagnosis with high fsh, low ovarian reserve.
34 years old at the time. 

July 2012 
IUI #1 Clomid - BFN

August 2012
IUI #2 Clomid - BFN

September 2012
IUI #3 Clomid - BFN

October 2012
IUI #4 Gonal-f injectables - BFP
Baby son born in July 2013

Re: Pregnancy Announcement

  • I think the worry comes with the territory...but if your fetal DNA test was normal and your NT scan is as well...there's really not much more you'll learn from the quad test. We personally announced it at 9 weeks and a bit (so yes, on the early side, before any of these tests were done), because no matter what the results of the tests were, we weren't going to terminate the pregnancy. It's all about whatever you feel comfortable with though. 
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  • I'm not sure when we are announcing ! I would ideally wait until 14-16 weeks but I just don't know if I can hold it in . I'm 10 weeks now and that just feels so far from now . I understand your worry though . I think everyone worries .. And previous infertility makes us worry more .  I'm thinking I will prob announce once I get my panorama results around 12 weeks . Ah I just don't know !  

    **BFP and loss warning**

    Me: 29
    DH: 29
    Us: Married Valentine's Day, 2015
    DH: No issues.
    Me: PCOS, unexplained infertility (whatever that means!!)
    June 2015 Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    July 2015:  Medicated TI cycle: BFN
    August 2015: IUI: BFP. Chemical pregnancy :(
    October 2015: IUI: BFN
    January 2016: Egg retrieval: 10 frozen embryos!
    March 2016: FET Cycle- 2 embryos transferred!: BFP !
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  • we don't plan on announcing until week 12 to the world but there are some people who have been following our journey and praying for us so we've kept a blog and that has the news. It's just private and we've asked everyone not to post anything online. 
    Me: 33 (no known issues)
    DH: 33 (lower motility; 0 morphology)
    TTC since Oct 2013
    IVF round 1 January 2016 (w/ ICSI)
    ER: February 17, 2016; 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 11 fertilized
    Day 5 Blastocysts: 8 sent for PGS - 5 Normal
    FET date: April 12, 2016 - DS born Dec 7, 2016
    IVF round 2: FET : Oct 4 - 1st Beta 188!

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  • My close family knew at 5 weeks, as I was traveling home and could tell face to face. 
    If I hadn't travelled home, they would have know as soon as I knew.
    Rest of the world (including work) knows since my first us at 8 weeks.
    All looked well there, and I'm planning on having a healthy baby. Should the worse happen, having support and tons of extra prayers are more then welcome. 
    As I have been hospitalised twice by now (still in the hospital) I wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret anyway.


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  • We told people between 14-16 weeks, on Thanksgiving! We found out our IUI was successful on 9/15/2015 and wanted to wait to tell people.

    Me: 31

    DH: 29, SA - Great

    Married: June 12,2011

    TTC #1: 1/2014

    Diagnosis: Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

    Treatment: Clomid:  50mg, 100mg, 150mg - not successful and not monitored

                      Menopur 75ml (upped to 112.5ml), Ovidrel, & IUI  IUI #1 8/31/2015

    9/15/2015: BFP HCG - 400, 9/17/2015: HCG - 827, 9/21/2015 - HCG 3,327!
    Heartbeat 10/2/2015: 118bpm
    DS: 5/27/2016

    TTC# 2: 12/2017
    BFP: 4/20/2018
    EDD: 12/29/2018
  • mclornmclorn member
    I think with IF we will always feel worried!  I spent my first 2 trimesters be so cautious and just sure something would go wrong.  Try to just enjoy and embrace your pregnancy, because I already look back and feel like I missed out on some of the excitement most pregnant women feel!

    Anyways, to answer your questions...  due to timing, we told our immediate family at 6 weeks (since they were in town), and then did a Christmas card announcement to everyone else which put us around 12-13 weeks.  I didn't tell work, however, until 16 weeks (I wear a lab coat and no one noticed the start of my bump). 
    ***Pregnancy Mentioned***
    ME: 32; DH: 34; TTC since 3/2014; Diagnosed Unexplained Infertility 2/2015
    3/2015-5/2015 IUI #1-3 with clomid + trigger:  CP + 2 BFN
    6/2015 Prep for IVF + ICSI + Assisted hatching
    7/2015 17 high-quality blasts, transferred 1 & froze 16
    8/2015: IVF#1 BFN; prep for FET
    9/2015:  Transferred 2 top grade hatching day 6 blasts
    10/2015:  10dp6dfet 754!! 13dp6dfet 2327!! 15dp6dfet 4919!!
    Present:  TWO heartbeats and all is well!!  G/B TWINS Due Date:  6/16/16
  • We are waiting until after 12 weeks to tell our immediate family, and after we get screening test results to tell everyone else.  It would be too hard for our parents on both sides to deal with a loss.  Thinking and feeling optimistic, but still being cautious.

    Me: 40 | DH: 45 | together 14 years

    TTC since 9/2015

    • Low AMH (0.1), high FSH (23.7), low AFC (4), low responder to stimulation, given 0.5% chance of being able to conceive
    • High Risk Factors: AMA, APS (antiphospholipid syndrome), obesity, uterine fibroid, rh negative
    • SA: everything excellent
    • Began medicated cycles (clomid, ovidrel, follistim, estrogen, progesterone)
    • 1st IUI: 3/27/16, BFP: 4/11/16, EDD 12/18/16!!!

    We trust and pray that God will continue to bless us with a full-term, smooth pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby.

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