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3 Hour Glucose Test

At 16 weeks, I had an early glucose test which I passed. Yesterday, I met with the doctor we call Dr. Crazy prior to doing my second glucose test.  First of all, she told me yesterday without any good reason except we have to start worrying about premature babies at this point (even though every other doctor at every appointment has said baby is healthy and happy and there aren't any signs of early labor present!) that I should no longer exercise, take long walks, go shopping at the mall, have orgasms or intercourse! She seriously said she would write my husband a prescription that said "no sex until after baby!"  WHAT? 

Fast forward to today after my whirlwind appointment, and I find out my glucose test is barely over normal.  The medical assistant said she was sorry, but Dr. Crazy wants me to have a three-hour glucose test.  I have requested to speak with my primary OB, but I am very frustrated and have a hard time taking this doctor seriously after she basically put me on bed rest without any real reasons.  She also did the same thing to one of my closest friends as well, which is why this didn't surprise me.

Clearly, making sure baby is healthy is my number one priority, and if this recommendation would have come from any of the other four sane doctors, I probably would have taken it more seriously.  When the medical assistant (who I have been talking to for almost 10 years) is apologizing through scheduling this appointment, it really makes me second guess everything.  Any thoughts and/or advice would be much appreciated!  

Re: 3 Hour Glucose Test

  • This dr sounds cuckoo... Were there any reasons she gave you as to why she said preemies? Or why you need bed rest/pelvic rest? I'd get another opinion before taking her serious, especially if she's been crazy with other ladies.

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  • Are you considered high risk for any other reasons? Why did they have you do a glucose test so early on? 
    Was there any other reasoning for the pelvic rest and saying don't exercise? Had you had a placenta previa at any point? Are you referring to the one hour test that you were a few points over? Sorry to say that any doc would insist on a 3 hour test if you didn't fall within the normal range whether it was one point or thirty. If you are completely healthy otherwise then yes this doc sounds like a wackadoo... I agree with getting another opinion from one of the other OB's about limitations... 

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  • That doctor does sound like a wacko, but she's not wrong about the glucose test. You failed the one hour test, so you need to take the three hour test. Every OB would do the same; it's the standard of practice.
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  • I'm waiting to hear back from my primary OB to discuss my unfortunate meeting with this doctor.  I've talked to a couple girlfriends who have failed the one hour by one or two points, so I understand I have to go through with the three hour at this point. My sugar levels came back a little high when I did my initial blood work, which is why they decided to do an early glucose test, which came back normal at that point. 

    As for the doctor mentioning everything to me about preemies,  I had a laporoscopic myomectomy to remove fibroids a few years ago, and my OB had always told me that I would have to deliver via c-section whenever I had a baby.  However, every doctor up until Dr. Crazy, told me baby and myself are happy and healthy, and we will most likely schedule a c-section between week 38 and 39.  I have felt really good aside from having morning sickness up until week 23.  I've honestly cut down on my exercise class to once a week because this belly isn't handling jumping around like it used to.  However, I haven't stopped walking or doing other normal daily activities. I really feel great, and feel that I am pretty in tune to all of the changes going on in my body at this point.  Everything seems normal. 
  • Update! My primary OB called me back and made me feel a million times better.  She said the other doctor in the practice means well but tends to be an alarmist.  The only thing she requested was that I stop my aerobics class, but keep exercising more low impact.  I can do that!  It's amazing how things can register with you when they come from a good place instead of a crazy place.  She also still wants me to go through with the glucose test just to rule out gestational diabetes.  
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