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Hello! I received both the Fisher Price Rock N' Play and the Graco Dreamglider. The dreamglider lays flat and upright whereas the Rock N Play is only at an angle. So far everyone has said the Rock N Play is better, but what do you think? We have a big dog, so I like the idea of the dreamglider having more support, but want the best swing option. We don't need both....Thanks!

Re: Swing Help!

  • Rock N Play isn't a swing. 

    The Dreamglider is more of a swing https://www.gracobaby.com/products/pages/dreamglider-gliding-swing-sleeper-sutton.aspx


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  • ecwkecwk member

    rock n play isn't a swing. Most moms I talk to say the rnp is a lifesaver for baby sleeping/napping. I have a swing and a rnp and wouldn't get rid of either. 

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  • I'm definitely getting a rock n play- several moms have recommended it, especially the auto rock one.  My SIL gave us more of an upright vibrating chair thing too so I think we're good.
  • (Lurking from March 2016) I bought a rnp solely because of how many moms here rave about how much they love it. And although I have it, I'd still like to get a swing for my son (about to be 10 weeks). As for only keeping one or the other, that might be more up to what your baby decides that they like. I can't really speak for the swing, but some pros to the rnp are:
    -vibration feature (I know most things have this these days but still a must for the first few weeks at least)
    -there are some really fancy rnp versions that you can sync to and control with your smartphone for rocking, vibration, etc and those are still cheaper than most swings
    -the incline angle is perfect for babies who suffer from reflux
    -approved for baby to sleep in through the night, not too sure if that's recommended for swings

    my son used to nap great in his rnp but now that he's a little older not so much, so I'm hoping we can get a swing and see how that works. Long story short- keep both. Even if one works for you initially your needs might changes and baby might prefer the other one down the road 
  • One thing to consider is the fact that swings can be used until about 20 pounds. The rnp cannot be used that long. In fact, pediatrician a suggest that babies should only sleep in rnps for a total of 6 weeks or it can make babies heads flat. I have 2 kids, 5 and 14 months, and got by with no rnp.
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    We have both. 

    For me, the Rock n Play was more of an alternative for a bassinet. We placed it next to the bed for the first month or so. It's so small that it worked great for that purpose. We also brought it with us for LO to sleep in when we went out of town as it is pretty easy to transport. It was great when he had a little cold because it's at an incline. They're fairly inexpensive, too which is nice.

    Again, for me, the swing is something that could be an alternative for maybe a bouncer? Like kind that sits on the ground. Ours is in the family room. I put LO in it during the day if I'm working on something. Sometimes he falls asleep in it, but I don't purposefully use it as a sleeping place like the rock n play.

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  • We had the rock n play and it was great for the first few weeks as it soothed DD to sleep easily. She did grow out of it quickly but I still think it was worth it. We never had a swing and I didn't miss it (DD is 6 mo old now). 

    It was said above that the RNP is approved for sleep so I want to point out that it does not meet the standards of safe sleep recommended by the aap.  Do some research and decide for yourself. Our DD slept in it for naps so I'm not judging, but want to make sure the correct information is being shared. 
  • I returned the rock n play and plan on using my swing and bouncer. 
  • Totally personal preference (yours and baby's)

    I'm clutter-phobic so I absolutely wanted to limit the amount of baby gear that we got. We never got a rock n play, and got a swing instead. I liked that the swing could be used for longer, and I picked up an inexpensive bassinet at a consignment shop for the bedroom (my rationale was that she would only be in it for a few weeks and then I wouldn't feel bad getting rid of it since I only spent $30). 

    That said, if my baby had reflux I definitely would have gotten a rock n play to help her sleep. Luckily she didn't. 

    My advice is to hang onto the rock n play, unopened and still in the box. If a few weeks goes by and you don't feel you're going to need it, return it for credit. 
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  • We have a RnP, swing (well, Mamaroo), and a bouncer. I think that it really depends not only on your preference, but baby's. It would suck to get rid of one of them, only to find out that you could have really used it. But it would also suck to keep it, only to find out that you don't need it. I agree with the previous poster, I would hold onto the RnP, still in the box, just in case. If you don't end up using it, then take it back....or you can pass it on to someone else as a gift. The reason we have so many, is because we keep the bouncer on one floor of the house, the Mamaroo in the living room, and then we have the R'n'P for just where ever. What I like about the R'n'P, is that if we want to go to someone else's house (or if baby is going to be watched by someone else), or traveling, it is something that folds up compact for transport and is lightweight....unlike our swing or Mamaroo. 
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  • I want neither. I'm a FTM, so who knows what my baby will want once it's here, but RnP's aren't generally recommended by pediatricians (they are considered a SIDs risk due to the incline), and I'd rather my baby get used to sleeping on a flat, firm, non-moving surface from the get-go. If he or she won't sleep well in a crib, I'll probably reconsider, but I'm really insistent to try that out first! 
  • STM and I echo @PoodleDoodleOoo. Neither should be used for sleeping regularly if you are concerned with SIDS safety. DD had terrible reflux, but with a SIDS loss in our family, we still had her sleep flat (although we did hold her up after feedings). DD was also colicky and hated her swing or me putting her down anywhere ever. I'm glad we just had a little portable one that didn't take up a lot of space or cost a lot of money. Depends on your baby obviously and also your priorities regarding sleep. I know a lot of people love the RnP, but I just wouldn't be comfortable using one. I got very little sleep as a new mom though and really suffered for it.
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