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Feeding the Nanny

Silly question but we have a Nanny starting next week and I was wondering if I was responsible for feeding her? She will be working from 9-2 if that makes any difference.

Re: Feeding the Nanny

  • Responsibility? No, but I'd talk to her about it. She'll likely want to bring her own food, particularly since it's not a terribly long day. When baby is older (much older, like a year plus), it would be good to let her eat whatever she's feeding baby so they can eat together, if she wants. 



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  • I offered to feed my nanny bc she's here 730-530, I told her I'd be glad to stock the fridge with whatever foods she likes but she said no thanks she'd rather bring her own food. With those short hours, surely your nanny won't expect it. But it wouldn't hurt to ask if there's any snacks or drinks she'd like you to keep handy. 
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  • Thanks for the advice! I planned on offering her snacks and drinks but wasn't sure if I had to have lunch stuff for her available.
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