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Contractions without cervix opening

I am writing this on behalf of my wife. She is getting contractions for almost 12 hours for every 5 to 10 mins(mostly after every 8 minutes) We went to the emergency room after two hours when she started getting those contractions. Since the cervix was closed the nurse said it is a false labor and sent back. But, even after coming home, my wife is getting contractions for so many hours. When we called the doctor's office, they said we have to go to the hospital if she cannot bare the pain. The pain is more, but did not increase in intensity or frequency.

What could this be? What should we do?

Re: Contractions without cervix opening

  • rooftoprooftop member
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    Sounds like prodromal labor. Could be from position of baby or many other reasons. Hope you get it figured out. 

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    Might be bad Braxton hicks. I had that at the  be if my pregnancy. Tell her to lay down and drink a ton of water and see if it goes away.
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