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Hey all - so I'm 28 weeks and high risk due to previous preemie (34 weeks) and super short cervix, getting regular braxton hicks contractions which my OB says is what will throw me into preterm labour again. Long story short, she originally said we would do the lung steroids at 30 weeks as a precaution as they last for 4 weeks, and by 34 weeks baby won't need them. At my ultrasound on Friday cervix shows its shorter yet again, so she gave me the requisition and said go get the steroids now, it's time. I'm nervous about this as she said they only last for 4 weeks, and if I get them this week (I am going to follow her orders and go tomorrow) that means I have till week 32... if baby comes between 32-34 weeks she won't have the benefit of the steroids. Anyone have any knowledge/experience in this area? I've been googling it and most things I've read say the steroids are most helpful if babe comes within a week after getting them... I can't find anything that says they're good for 4 weeks. Anyone's doc tell them the same thing as me? Just weary of getting them too soon and then not being effective...

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    I'd guess that based on your last appointments, your doc doesn't think you'll go more than 4 weeks until delivery.  Moving the suggested timeframe of the shots up 2 weeks knowing they are only effective for 4 weeks probably means they have strongly estimated delivery before 32 weeks.  Sorry.  I had steriods around 30 weeks and delivered almost 4 weeks later and DS was only on oxygen for the first 12 hours of his life.  I was on the long end of their effectiveness timeframe and they certainly helped DS.  

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  • Thanks @DiFazette I appreciate the honest answer...I have thought about that likelihood that she is not optimistic my little lady will cook for much longer... I did get round one yesterday and go back for round two of the shots today...I'm just trying so hard to lay around and be optimistic she'll cook longer...worried if she does that the Steroids won't help her :( guess I'll just have to wait and see! And I'm having a girl this time...I have heard that preemie girls are often stronger and have less serious complications so hoping this is accurate - my first was a boy and had several "common preemie boy issues" such as hernias and kidney reflux so hoping being a little princess will help things this time too :)

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    I had my twins at 32w5days and had the steroid shots at 28 weeks. They were monoamniotic, so we knew they would be early. They are girls and did great. One didn't need any oxygen, and one needed like 12 hrs. They had no lung issues. All babies are different, but it sounds like your doctor is being proactive, so that is good.

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  • I had the steroid shots at 29ish weeks and at 32ish weeks also! And my 34 week IUGR baby came out singing and hasn't stopped in 9 months!
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