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  • Last night i passed out on my moms shoulder was so tired, this morning i just woke up and felt like not coming to work and be home and sleep the weather does not help either :( i miss my pillows and blanket 
  • I am already SO DONE with today. Saturday I did a bridal shower, and I realize now that I over did it. My feet are so swollen (courtesy of the heels I wore) and I can't keep my eyes open. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever feel rested again.

    Good luck with your Mondays ladies! 
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  • I was up with such acid reflux last night.  This morning felt like such a kick in the pants.
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    On my way to work, I got stuck behind a tractor  for like 10 minutes, then once I finally got around it, the road was shut down for construction. I had the fear of Monday.

    Luckily work has been pretty low key so far (knock on wood!)

  • My son developed pink eye in both eyes over the weekend. I was able to get an early doc's appointment today and not only does he have pink eye, but also the start of an ear infection. This week is starting out just great

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  • kristynmackristynmac
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    A guy at work wears a ton of cologne and I passed him in the hallway walking in this morning, and I was instantly in tears. Behind him was a few other guys and they thought I was crying because I was upset, so to make the situation even better I had to explain that I am not emotional--I just can't take super strong smells.
  • It's Monday and I would much rather be eating pancakes at iHop than dealing with patients today. Love what I do......just not today lol. Happy Monday ladies!! 
  • DH and I took an awesome mini-vacation last week for his 40th birthday, and now it's over...makes Monday twice as bad!
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  • It is definitely Monday. I need so much to catch up on sleep and cannot seem to do it. I was up from 1:30am-4:30am this morning just because I couldn't fall back asleep. It seems to happen a lot on Sunday nights. Maybe it is my brain not living in denial of Monday coming.  :)
  • @Ceventa poor guy! At least they caught the ear infection, DD has had a few and those can be a bitch. 
  • I'm actually feeling rested today. The pregnancy insomnia gave me a break last night and I slept hard. It's supposed to be beautiful today, too. So that helps as well.

    I'm guessing tonight I'll be back to the insomnia. I'm going to live it up today.
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  • Struggling getting motivated at work. As usual. Feeling weird about a strange dream I had.

    Last night I answered a question on the ticker change thread about what beverage I'd want right after baby, so of course I said wine. Well, I must have had that on my mind when I went to sleep last night because I had this dream that I had drank three glasses of wine (while pregnant) and then had an immediate wave of regret. I was fairly drunk due to my tolerance being reduced during pregnancy, and upset at what I'd done, and trying to research how much that could harm my baby. And also I was trying to get somewhere (on foot) and was lost... Let's just say I was super relieved to wake up and find that was all a dream! I wonder what the significance of that one is. These pregnancy dreams can be crazy. 
  • cm716cm716
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    I needed this post today. Today is day one of potty training dd2. Good thing we have tile floor. Also dd2 managed to somehow get ahold of a nail polish bottle and spilled it on the floor in the two seconds it took me to get to her. The part of the floor that's carpeted

     I took my prenatal vitamin after breakfast which made me vomit. So I had to kick my kids out of the bathroom so that I could throw up.
    And it's not even noon...
  • @Snaps816, I had a similar dream earlier this week. I had been talking about having a glass of wine for my birthday (about a month after my due date), and then dreamed I was drinking during pregnancy. It was so horrifying and stressful! 
  • @cm716 sounds like maybe you need to go back to bed until it is time to wake up tomorrow.  ;)

    @Snaps816 and @Nikkoli98 I have not had that dream yet but that made me think of something that happened to me this weekend. We had a conference/event for the CSR's of our company. One of the girls brought a cooler full of jello shots with real fruit in them. After dinner and the activity, we were allowed to do whatever. Some went out, some stayed in. Before everyone decided what they were going to do, the girl started passing out jello shots. She gets to me and I pass (obviously) and she asks why. I calmly let her know (even though she already knew) that I am pregnant. She very seriously asked me how far along I am and when I told her she said 1 or 2 won't hurt me. No...just NO!!! How are you going to try and peer pressure a pregnant woman to take jello shots. If we were not at a work thing, I may have given her the unedited version of my response.
  • i would have socked her in the throat lbvs like i just told you NO so respect it dumb dumb @jamiesc58 ;

    my DH just irritated me to the max, i had to hang up and told him i did not want to talk to him that i needed to go back to work!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!! is it bedtime yet?

  • kristynmac There's someone in my office who is like that, too, and I can't even walk by his office.  It's not even a pregnancy thing, it's just a gross thing lol.  But really, people shouldn't be allowed to dump an entire bottle of fragrance on themselves before coming to work - what if someone is allergic or scents like that or it makes them sick??  I've actually complained about this one guy to his manager, and she even agreed with me, but nothing has changed so who knows.

    Ceventa That's why we always keep leftover drops!  I think the same thing may have happened to DD, but we had drops from last year that we used and the next day her eyes were fine lol.  I know that's probably bad, but it worked and my mom used to do the same thing and we turned out OK!

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  • @jamiesc58 I love it when random people just decide they know what will and won't hurt your baby. Like why do you care what I eat or drink? 
  • tmk0325 said:
    I'm sitting in a beach chair on a beach in South Carolina right now. My Monday is great, however I'm realizing that this is probably the last vacation I'll have for at least a year... 
    I'm super jealous! We probably won't get to go on vacation this year. We might go with DHs family but we have no money saved for vacation. We had to take all of our tax money and spend it on unforeseen things around the house. So unless a miracle occurs in the next month it looks like we will be going another year without a vacation. 
  • @lynnlove28 we're in the same boat. We had a babymoon planned to Niagara Falls next month, but with my husband out of work since Feb now, and not getting unemployment - we've been using our savings to pay the mortgage. Since it doesn't look like he has a job offer pending, I'm just not comfortable spending our ever dwindling savings frivolously. Even if he were to start working again, we need to put the money back in savings before doing anything like that.  

    We might do an overnight for my birthday / our anniversary at the b&b we got married at, at the end of July, but that would be about it.

    Adulting sucks sometimes.

  • tmk0325 said:
    I'm sitting in a beach chair on a beach in South Carolina right now. My Monday is great, however I'm realizing that this is probably the last vacation I'll have for at least a year... 
    Yeah I must admit I'm jealous's raining here back in WI and windy. Boo. 

    Hope you have a fun and relaxing time and soak up some sun for us Wisconsinites. 
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  • @tmk0325 Enjoy your vacation! I'm jealous too as I stare at my office computer waiting for 5pm. Monday is my long day at work and it seems to really be dragging today. And I've eaten about 19 snacks. Oops.
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  • I can't with office temperatures above 65. I also can't with an all hands Monday meeting in a sauna-like conference room for 4 hours. It's now end of day but my cheeks are still burning, legs & fingers all swollen, and I'm fungry. It's 82 degrees outside but it shouldn't also be 82 degrees inside, right? I want to dip my feet in a bucket full of ice cubes and nap. Oh but I need to eat first. FWP's right here.
  • tmk0325 said:
    I'm sitting in a beach chair on a beach in South Carolina right now. My Monday is great, however I'm realizing that this is probably the last vacation I'll have for at least a year... 
    Yeah I must admit I'm jealous's raining here back in WI and windy. Boo. 

    Hope you have a fun and relaxing time and soak up some sun for us Wisconsinites. 
    @midwestbaby we head back tomorrow and I'm already not looking forward to highs in the 50s. :(
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