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Car seat insert?

Hi! I'm a STM and we are using our Britax B-Safe car seat (2 yo, not expired or recalled) for our new LO we are expecting any day now. I've looked everywhere for the "head support" insert that comes with the model (not an additional purchase, standard insert), but can't find it (we had moved so maybe lost it in the move). My question is: do you know if I need this in order to have her safely positioned and be able to pass the check to leave the hospital? I won't buy any additional inserts because I know those aren't legit, but just wanted to make sure we can make do without it? Thoughts? TIA!

Re: Car seat insert?

  • It's the polka dot insert 
  • You probably will need it for the newborn phase, up until about 12 lbs. That's how it is with my Chicco. 


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  • If it was just a head insert, I would say you could use a rolled up receiving blanket, but since it is a body support insert, I think you need it.

    Call britax customer service and ask.  If they say you need it, order a new one.  (You may be able to find a cheap one on Craigslist or reach out to Facebook.  You only use those inserts for a short period.)

  • Britax has excellent customer service. They may send you one for free or charge you for it, but I'm sure they'll get you a replacement. 

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