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Thinx for after delivery?

FTM here, and was wondering if anyone has ever used Thinx underwear and if you'd think they be good in conjunction with pads to deal w all the blood after you've given birth?  I'm not into granny panties, but these seem to be light and full coverage, which if I remember correctly what you need to wear a pad.  Since they are made to handle blood i wouldnt be as nervous about leaking.  Thoughts? 

Re: Thinx for after delivery?

  • I definitely used depends the first week (and made my hubby buy them for me) :) my doula said to buy them in case your water breaks and is still leaking. They were AMAZING 
  • I used old underwear that I didn't care if they got stained and the heaviest pads I could find. (I did take some extra disposable underwear they gave me at the hospital and wore them for almost a week). I didn't really stain too many of the old underwear anymore than a normal period might. 
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  • I used the sexy mesh ones from the hospital for quite awhile! The idea of thinx freak me out.

  • I used the mesh ones for a while then I got a cheap pack of granny panties and used pads with them. Honestly I don't remember the blood being so bad after leaving the hospital (unless I'm just blocking it from my memory!). I'm with the PP who said the idea of thinx creeps me out.
  • I used depends.  They were awesome!
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  • I used the mesh ones in the hospital and then just hipster/boyshort ones for a while. I had bought these gigantic pads, and they ended up being pretty unnecessary. My hospital sent me home with a bunch of the combo pad/ice pack (they're absorbent like a pad, but you pop the inside thing and it's also an ice pack - they were incredible) and I used those for the first few days, and then I was fine with a thinner pad. I think everyone has a different amount of bleeding though. 

  • I just used the Always with wings thin pads for super heavy flow with my regular undies.  I don't think I ruined a single pair.  While I was in the hospital, though, I did use their mesh boy short things because I just didn't know what to expect as a FTM.  But I also had a c-section, so I don't think my bleeding was as bad as most who have a vaginal deliver - they suck a lot of it out before they close you up LOL.  My heavy bleeding was done after a couple days and then it was just like a regular/mild period for maybe 3 weeks or so, maybe less.  We went on vacation when DD was 5 weeks old and I didn't need any bleeding protection anymore for the beach at that point and was swimming with everyone :smiley: 
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  • BTW....These Thinx things happened to appear in my FB ads today out of nowhere, and I just clicked on  just.  no.  I'd feel like I was sitting in dirty underwear all day.  They sound like cloth diapers for grown ups lol.
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  • Ive heard good things about the Thinx, but I would be afraid that right after deliver there are still a lot of clots and clumps that may not be absorbed well.  

  • I had to google these to figure out what they were. No. Just no. I would feel disgusting. The mesh panties that the hospital gives you along with the pads were my saving grace the first few days after I had DD and I had a c section. By the time I came home from the hospital the bleeding wasn't as bad so I switched to regular pads and my granny panties. 
  • I know. I totally am grossed out about using them as the only source of protection (but I do have a friend that swears by them).  But thought they'd be more comfortable to wear with pads after delivery... Extra protection and good fabric.  Haha, I wear thongs everyday and can't imagine wearing granny panties, etc. 
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    To be honest I'm a really heavy bleeder on my time of the months. I've been using thinx for a year now and I've had one kid before. My placenta ruptured so I had tissue coming out for about a week to two weeks. So I would not suggest just thinx for the first week, I would use a pad with thinx the first week after that it should be fine. Btw I'm allergic to pads so trust me when I say you dont want to use a pad for 6 weeks straight. Also on that note I would get 6 of them cause I go through the 2 pairs a day so I'm assuming you might go through more after birth. Also they are great to have for your regular periods even if you use a tampon or a cup. Thinx saves your underwear from blood stains along with sheets and pants. My favorite most durable style that I have tried are actually the high waisted thinx. They hold the mom pouch in too. Do not use the sport thinx, they were the worst.
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    Thinx has a thong version of underwear it only holds about 1/2 a regular tampon.
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