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Rainbow Baby Maternity Shoot

hey ladies! Happy Friday!!  I just wanted to share some photos my amazing friend/photographer took of us last night to celebrate our rainbow baby.  We all know how hard this journey has been, and it's so amazing to have made it to our third trimester!! anyone else do any fun photos?? 

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  • Beautiful photos! These things make me smile every time :smile: Congratulations on starting your third trimester!!!
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  • Thank you! I should have also mentioned, I asked my DH to wear a V-neck plain shirt.. he sends me a text mid way through the day yesterday with two options.. a green JAWS t-shirt or this red boom box t-shirt.. I think I have an idea of how our son will be.. #mindofhisown! LOL :):)  It was so adorable I couldn't even tell him no, that's not what I asked for.
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  • Boys will be boys :smile: think the shirt works :wink: 

    love the pictures.


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  • @tvh1982 yes it does, totally his personality, and I love it!
  • Absolutely stunning photo!! <3
  • LOVE the photos!!!!!
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  • I love your pictures, beautiful. Your DH sounds like mine. I did get him to wear a dress shirt for some shots but in the other ones he's in a VANS t-shirt. Gotta love him.

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  • I love these pics !!!! You look gorgeous with your bump and you and your hubby are too cute ! 

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