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  • You girls are so awesome and motivated. Can ya share some of that with me??? :D

    I have less than 2 weeks before EDD, and I'm just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs, waiting on baby. No contractions, no dilatation, no hint of baby's impending arrival. I don't even really feel like nesting. I think I'm defective

    Hi! Lurking from March...I feel the exact same way except I'm a week overdue. Haha
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  • My EDD is May 10th, but due to LO being breech, my time line has moved up. I have a sonogram on Friday to determine whether an external version is worth getting. My OB said that one of the risks to the version is that it can trigger labor. On the other hand, if LO doesn't flip by 39 weeks, I'll have to have a C section. In other words, the kid will likely be born in the next 1- 3 1/2 weeks.

    I have NO idea how to keep myself occupied for that sort of date range. If I come up with little things for the next week, it'll drive me nuts if I still have another 2 1/2 weeks to go OR if LO flips and I can wait to go into labor naturally, it could be up until another 3 weeks.

    Like several PP, I'm planning on working until LO is born, so the whole working/training thing is pretty tough to plan.

    DH just says to take it one day at a time.
  • I already have five kids, and I've planned on going overdue since I got a positive test, so... Mostly I'm just keeping up with daily life, and that's plenty to keep me busy. Three kids in school, and one with twice weekly mental health appointments I get to go to with her, plus two littles still at home making sure the house doesn't ever get too clean, haha. I'm 37 weeks, and planning on another four of pregnancy. 
  • I am currently here waiting for induction tomorrow am and still no sleep even after ambien. You ladies are keeping me busy for now.  So anxious and labor hasn't actively started dh was right I am a wimp
  • @mumistheword hope to see your birth announcement soon. You can do this mama! Our bodies were made to do it :)
  • kimey1kimey1
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    Boy am I glad I'm working parttime right now. I shopped, cleaned and organized for nearly 12hrs today once the crib and dresser arrived (finally!!). DH asked "Are you nesting?" I said "No. We can finally do all this now that all the furniture is here!" It took 2 months of hearing that my in-laws would get us the crib, then us ordering it and telling the folks they can give us $ for it. 
    I got a cute end-table for a lamp and to put my tea & baby's bottle, put away all the washed baby clothes, organized most of baby's stuff, got a quilt for my mom to use when she's here, and did 5 loads of laundry.
    My feet and back are burning but I'm SO glad I got all of this out of the way! I plan on being a couch potato when I get home from work tomorrow :blush: 
  • I'm still taking classes (my last week till my 2 week break runs into my due date, super!), so that's helping a little. I nap a lot, and Netflix is my new BFF. Why did I have so much more energy with my first?? :D
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    I've been watching labor and delivery videos on YouTube all morning and bawling like a baby. I'm sure it would scare DH if he came home and saw me ugly crying. I swear they are happy/sentimental/love tears. I can't wait until she's here. 
  • OMG me too, I feel like everyone is having their baby except me. I'm So anxious and nervous. I haven't been cleaning at all though......
  • Purging more today. Hoping if I try and stay busy that time will pass faster.  I am finding that although I just started leave I'm having to rest in between tasks.  Exhaustion has set in along with strange waves of nausea which I've never had.   So much to do so little time. 
  • Cleaned out my closet and bagged up a trashbag of old clothes for donations.  Immediately started crying when they went into the donation box.  These hormones are something else.....
  • In the last few days we've gotten rid of nearly 300 books (we have a couple thousand more so that's not as many as I'd hoped) and cleared an entire bookshelf which can now be tossed because it's disintegrating, gone through four boxes of papers my husband's parents sent up (including invites to every bar and bat mitzvah he was invited to as a child, wtf) and a GIGANTIC box of old napkins and tablecloths. His parents moved recently and sent us a giant pod full of crap they didn't want and now WE have to be the ones to throw it away. 

    And we sold some old furniture on craigslist and made a cool $50!
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  • @nikkinbonnie I love watching The Midwives and One Born Every Minute from the BBC on youtube.

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  • I had a chiropractor appt today and my hips and lower back feel amazing, so of course I am going to over do it and clean the house.  Not in true nesting form, as in all at once, but I've cleaned the oven, washed all the dishes from the last two days, cleaned Dds room, and have done several loads of laundry.  
  • Baseball practices, yard work, house work, and my business. That's what's keeping me busy.  I have 2 weeks until my scheduled induction, but I don't want to be induced, so I think I'll cancel it.  Baseball games start next week and I'm starting to feel crazy for signing kids up this year.  At least it's only 3 months.   :# Due 1.10.19
  • Just discovered the Netflix show "The Ranch", so that kept me busy for a day. Been put on modified bed rest since my amniotic fluid is being stubborn and is only rising by small numbers despite 20 cups of water a day. So I'm looking at a very boring month ahead!
  • Just discovered the Netflix show "The Ranch", so that kept me busy for a day. Been put on modified bed rest since my amniotic fluid is being stubborn and is only rising by small numbers despite 20 cups of water a day. So I'm looking at a very boring month ahead!
    I'm 3 episodes deep into The Ranch. I watch it while I breastfeed :smile: I hope your amniotic fluid stops being stubborn. 
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  • Class work and essay were completed yesterday.   I am getting restless waiting. I mopped the kitchen and downstairs bathroom today along with cleaned both showers.  Talk about searching for things to do.   Come on baby hurry up
  • Our house went on the market today.  We've already had three showings and I keep stalking the listing on the different sites to see how many people are looking.  I might drive myself crazy waiting for an offer.  I know it's only been not even a day but it's a welcome distraction for when this baby might come.
  • Final shopping trip for furniture and other necessities before my mom and baby comes. Man. So tired.
  • Dedicating time to DH! sexy time, movies and restaurants. :love:
  • Oh Em gee.   I'm so over waiting.  I've cleaned, baked.....I'm getting more restless as time goes on.  
  • I assembled the pack and play this afternoon.  To my surprise it took a lot longer to figure out than I'd guessed--lots of bells and whistles, I guess. I also cleaned and learned how to use all of the hand-me-down gadgets friends passed along to us.
  • @dayj11 ; - I love that declutter list! But for me, #3 is always a challenge. I can't help thinking, "Maybe I can use this item in the future...", and then I'm afraid I won't have the item when I need it. Buttttt, that time NEVER comes!

    Clearly I need to work on letting go, haha!

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    [Deleted User]dayj11
  • @kerinsara - beautiful!!! 
    Thank you!  Looking forward to getting more work done on it.  Good distraction from the waiting.

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  • AK118AK118
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    No nesting at home. Still working. Hoping I can get everything packed up and squared away at my office before baby comes. La la la la I'm okay with baby missing its due date by a little bit
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  • @dancingsphinx22  same here I always want to hold on to it in the event I could use it.  I'm trying my best to stick with the list and be realistic.  It's hard but I did get 2 big boxes filled
  • Today, I have been nesting at work.  I've been going through papers and stuff that has piled up through the school year, and pulling out important documents for my paraprofessionals.  I hate the idea of leaving them to close up the classroom at the end of the year, so I am getting a jump start on it today.  I didn't even realize I was doing it until they started giggling when I asked one of my kids to roll the big trash can in to the room!  

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