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Vommiting during Labour

Good day ladies I would like to hear from you.

I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant and already am I thinking about the labor that is coming.

In March 2014 my daughter was born I was dead set on giving birth naturally.

My water broke and only 24 h after that did my contractions start. once the started I started vomiting. I vomited after every contraction and had to run to the toilet as my stomache also went.
This went on for 8 hours  they had to put me on a drip so that i did not dehydrate. I never dialiated past 1cm. I ended up having a c section. This time around I'm going to try for a VBAC did any of you have the same problem with the vomiting? and is there something I can do so that it doesn't happen again?  

Re: Vommiting during Labour

  • I had a natural home birth last year. I vomited several times during the first couple of hours of labor, while I dilated, basically I vomited until my insides had emptied of everything that I'd eaten on the previous day. 

    I didn't consume anything until during the pushing phase when I was getting tired my midwife suggested a spoonful of honey and sips of coconut water, as I could stomach them. I found the energy from the honey very helpful and the coconut water felt very hydrating. 

    So I'd suggest having coconut water and honey on hand. Or have several light, slightly sweet beverages on hand because you might discover you prefer something.

    One of your helpers can hold a beverage and help you suck from a straw. That helped me.
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  • Oh and one of the women in my birth class had a VBAC. Best wishes for you. :) 
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  • I vomited every single contraction with my son, but then they put medicine into my arm (I think zofran?), so I could walk (no tubes connecting to anything, I forget what's called). I ended up walking for the whole 7 hours of labor, and birthing naturally. 

  • In Ina May's book, she said that vomiting is a sign of labor. It sounds like your body took that to the extreme though! Definitely be sure to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy and keep water and light non tummy irritating snacks nearby. Remember, your current hydration is a result of your intake 24 hours previous (according to my MW). FX for a healthy pregnancy!
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