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10 month photos

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  • @jjvanwagner25 totallyyyy dying over here. So true!!  :D
  • All these twins are so cute!! Do you have twins in your family?? @beckyk9109 @jjvanwagner25 ;
    i would love to have twins (I say that now but it's probably hard) but there are no twins anywhere in my family I think so it's very unlikely. 
  • Thanks @caitlincunn ; :) there are so many twins in both my mine and my husband's families!! (Mostly my side). Between my mom and dad's sides there were 3 sets, and then there was 1 set on my husbands side! In our case, the idea that twins skip a generation was completely true. Needless to say, we were not surprised  :D
  • Wow that's a lot of twins!! 
  • @caitlincunn yes they run in my family. We've had 8 sets in the last 2 generations
  • @caitlincunn I don't have any twins in my family at all. It was totally random so it def could happen to you!! 
  • 10 months old on the 3rd. Started walking a few weeks ago, won't crawl at all anymore - already missing my little baby :(

    So jealous it's romper season where you live!
  • saradejuliosaradejulio member
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    FLORIDA! It's always romper season..even during the holidays :( hahaha
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Happy 10 months everyone! The 19th was my LO's. He's started taking steps! Ah! I'm not ready! 
  • ^^he is so stinkin cute!!
  • bwow615bwow615 member
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    @magono20 so adorable!
    All these babies are!  
  • bwow615bwow615 member
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    @Steph0727 him and his outfit are soo cute!  Where did you get the shirt and hat?
  • Yes - @Steph0727 I love his shirt!! Same to @aluicious :) 



  • Thank you! @TheNewMrsY and @swiebe the shirt is from old navy and the hat is from carters, but it was clearance last summer!
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